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Islamic religion has from beginning kept a high importance on Education and thus has been able to maintain its strong foundation. The concept of (‘ilm) has large position in the Islamic world because of its extreme usage in the Quran. Islamic education is emphasized in the Quran by phrases like”O my God! Power me with Knowledge” (20; 114).Such phrases in the Quran provide incentives to Muslim believers to search for education and Knowledge.

However, Islamic education is very different from western education or other type of education system since it rely its principles from the Quran. The coming up with Quran in the 17th century was quite a change for the Arab Community of those times. Which lead to reading, writing and reciting so as to get the utmost blessing of the Holy Quran.


The educated Muslims also referred to as Mudarris put all the effort to ensure that scriptures of Quran are all accessible to all the Islamic believers. They taught the believers in what is referred as Kuttab and the kuttab would be found in places like: mosques, homes and even in an open place. Although the historians are not sure exactly where the first Kuttab was established but it was believed Kuttab would be literally found in every part of the Islamic empire.

Thus Kuttab formed a foundation for the primary age kids and continued until others forms of education were introduced like western Education. However it is practiced in the Islamic nations. The process of Kuttab was mainly dedicated to small male kids, starting as early as the kid is age four, and was thoroughly taught on Koran teachings and religious requirements such as fasting and prayer.

The faithful believed that raising a child with the Islamic principles was Islamic obligation to parents and the society. They had strict rules in teaching children, where even corporal punishment could be given to children who were lazy and misbehave. It was essential to memorize or even recite the Koran as it was requirement for Kuttab.
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