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I woke up to the realities of new dawn after long night of distressed sleep. It seemed soul of a poet was haunting my mind. I tell myself “Aah...look at the way I express”. Just the way I am right now.

Have you ever seen the beauty of expression? All that hidden exquisiteness in words and expression – Can you feel power of some words can bring change in your life alter your future and the principles of life.

When I read the sayings by Allah’s Apostle SAAS, it filled me with strange pleasure. How beautifully did He SAAS use the power of expression? He SAAS would take a pause while in the discussion.

He SAAS emphasized on certain point by repeating three times. How beautiful and amazing His SAAS manners of speech sound to be that He SAAS would make it sure the listener is understanding Him SAAS and comprehending fully – without any doubts of any kind. How thoughtful!

One can just look at the flow and see how carefully He SAAS selected the words - each one of them waiting to fit like pearls in the necklace. Like the jeweler who would start from the smallest ones in the beginning and then increases the size gradually when going towards the center.

And there it comes to the point of concentration - right in the middle of the necklace where he selects three huge pearls for an impression. He goes again with reducing the size of the pearls gradually until it ends with a loop on the string. How beautiful it is when Rasool Allah SAAS said by selecting every pearl with care.

All and every one of the words uttered by Him SAW is just like the pearls in a string. First, the small elegant ones then the big ones and when he reaches the climax during his speech, He SAAS stressed upon central idea by repeating three times the same word – like the three big pearls - of same size and the person is enslaved of their beauty and lost in their meanings.

Rasool Allah SAAS had this amazing way of mesmerizing the audience by His SAAS charming, stylish way, that is lighter on nerves. He SAAS would gradually go on building the attention, the atmosphere and rejuvenated the environment.

His SAAS speech would end in the same beautiful manner. “ahh…that;s the sign of His SAAS noble soul, high esteemed being, one cannot help but adore”. Sallalaho alay hi wasalam.

These are the points one should ponder... and adopt to be successful, to be popular and to be alive.
Tehzib · May 14 · Tags: islamic, muslim, islam