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Be part of muslimblog.co.in community and send to us your writing contributions!

Writefor us Write For Muslimblog.co.inWe are opening the stage for more contributors and writers to enrich our output with fresh new ideas. Based on muslimblog.co.in’s professional standards, your work will be evaluated and accepted pieces will appear on the site. Should you be interested to contribute write-ups for muslimblog.co.in, send us an email. We will contact you as soon as we receive your message and get you connected to a section of your interest.

To maintain a certain quality in the published work of contributors, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • MuslimBlog(MB) expects writers to submit original material. If the material submitted to MB has been published elsewhere, please make it clear and we will base our decision for republishing accordingly.
  • Attribute all information you get from other sources to those sources, whether they be a person, a web site, or another publication. Ask the editor for our document clarifying how footnotes or source listings are to be used to reference information.
  • Include a brief bio (three lines) for yourself to be attached to your published work.
  • Include content-related pictures that would help in the best display of the work.
  • Additional quality standards to be attended by contributors:

Clear English language

  • Logically structured
  • Relevant cultural references
  • Should tackle a clearly defined topic
  • Should be within the focus of the publishing section
  • Should be based on information that is supported by evidence (or in opinion pieces clearly shown as the opinion of the writer)
  • Proper source attribution when necessary
  • Article images should be relevant, not misleading, and properly attributed when necessary

Join the team and share your meaningful writing and insightful Op-eds to a larger community of readers and fans! You can contact us via the editor’s e-mail address: [email protected]