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Some Facts about the Importance of Hijab in Islam

Some Facts about the Importance of Hijab in Islam Some Facts about the Importance of Hijab in IslamGetty

Many people, especially those who are not known to the teachings of Islamic religion or non-Muslims, have not much information regarding the Islamic dress codes. The dress codes as followed by the teachings of Sunn’ah and Hadith depict the modesty and sanctuary it holds in itself as being a complete religion for the whole of mankind. Similarly, Hijab holds that very same importance for women in Islam. This particular dress code for women shows how much Islam cares and values about its women race. The dress is a sign of modesty, traditions, values, holiness, sacredness.

Let’s take a quick peek at what hijab basically is. The particular dress requires women to cover themselves up in such a manner that no part of their body is visible other than the hands and face. And this act is quite essential publicly but whilst at home, one does not have to cover up like that. Many people, especially the West, have this notion in their minds that women are actually forced to cover themselves up. But little do they know, they are completely wrong about this notion and there is no such thing as imposition in Islam. Therefore, no woman in Islam is actually forced to cover herself up. Its all done out of choice and not because one was forced.

Maybe people don’t have much awareness about hijab, and this is the reason to why they have certain misconceptions in their mind. When it comes covering yourself up, it wholly and solely does not mean covering from head to toe. The most important parts that need to be covered are your neck, head but not the entire face, and your udder. These are the main parts that should not be visible. But no where in the books will you find this fact that the face ought to be covered as well. It can be done out of desire.

Intentions are a very important factor in Islam. Whatever we do, whatever we follow, all is done on the basis of intentions. And our intentions are directly linked with our Creator. Whatever we intend to do, we do it wishfully to please our Master. And our Lord being happy with us bestows His blessings on us. Same way, a woman when she covers herself up, intends to please her Lord. Not only that, she knows that this is what the Lord has asked to do, this is what Islam teaches her. And following her religion with the intention of pleasing her Lord is what matters the most in Islam.

Nowhere does it say that by wearing hijab, a woman has to sacrifice her looks and beauty. She can do all sorts of things to look nice, elegant, and pleasant as well as presentable to the world. But all should be done in a reasonable manner, and in not a way to attract the wrong kind of people. Sometimes, it can be seen that by looking, all shiny, glossy and catchy wrong kind of men can be attracted and this can lead to something unethical and immoral. That is the reason to why women in Islam are asked to cover themselves up. They should though cover themselves but at the same time, they should look neat, nice and elegant. As Islam encourages neatness, beauty and modesty.