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Religion in America: Toward a Better Understanding of Islam

Religion is often a big divisive factor in human relations. It is often misunderstood and this is because of the unwillingness to learn about other religions leading to religious conflicts, especially with Islam.

islam in america Religion in America: Toward a Better Understanding of Islam

Muslims practicing Islam as their religion are disturbed owing to the intolerance and misunderstandings of American Christians in America. In fact, there are American Muslims over two million and they are equally horrified by unwanted attacks.

Islam is a great religion like all others that can also peacefully coexist with all other religions. Many Muslims hold great positions in the community as lawyers, doctors, school teachers, university professors, judges, local authorities, etc and they can show progressive paths to all. These progressive individuals must pass the message for a peaceful world.

The new world has transformed into a new economic period with the earlier styles out. The new style integrates economics and emphasizes the financial responsibility to be established. Homes and communities must promote individual entrepreneurship as jobs are not secured incomes any more. Hence school and training center needs to be encouraged to bring awareness about Islam and the world history.

Islam is a name derived from Salaam an Arabic word translating as Peace. The correct translation is they relate to the doctrine of faith. The key of Islam peace is when Muslims are offended as Islamic terrorists by media and this is understood as a contradiction.

Muslims Allah is their God and in Arab it means One True God. They believe in Prophet Muhammad and the Quran is the holiest Islam book that has Gods words in original Arabic language.

Regrettably, the Quran is interpreted and misused. However, the widely accepted interpretations include Muslims to engage in five pillars of Islam and they are:

  • Making declaration of faith as believing nothing is worthy than God and Muhammad, the Gods messenger.
  • Performing prayers –the Salah, five times a day. They have no priests and Muslims make these prayers at workplaces, homes and also at a mosque.
  • Giving charity is done to 2.5% of an individual’s wealth. This is because the possessions of an individual are regarded to be Gods belongings and the stewards are we, the human beings.
  • Practicing fasting or sawm, during Ramadan month is very important for Muslims, but there are exceptions for pregnant, nursing or menstruating women, sick and elderly. Apart from them all are expected to fast from drink, food until sundown from sunup. Fasting is viewed as purification and self-discipline means and young adults until reaching the puberty stage need not fast.
  • Visiting Mecca, hajj once a lifetime.

Similarly, jihad is a term misunderstood by all, Muslims and non-Muslims. This word Jihad is fighting to remove imperfections from one’s soul and is an internal fight to lead a peaceful life, not to bring disharmony.