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What Is Shab-E-Barat?

Shab-E-barat is a festival celebrated by the Muslim community. This event is celebrated on the 15th of the Islamic month of Sha’aban which is the eighth month of the calendar.

The night of Shab-E-barat celebrates the entry of Prophet Mohammed into the city of Mecca. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and show around the world by the Muslim community. They believe that on this day God writes the destinies of all men for the coming year by taking into account the good deeds and misdeeds committed by them in the past. It is considered one of the holiest night on the Islamic calendar.

islam shab e barat What Is Shab E Barat?

Shab-E-barat is the night deliverance from all sins. The Shia community of Islam believes that 15th Sha’aban is the birth date of their last and 12th Imam who is invisible and will come back as Imam Medhi. For this reason they celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm.

The festival is celebrated by bursting crackers, illuminating the house and surroundings with lights and candles. Colourful fireworks light up the sky and people stay awake throughout the night of this festival. So, what exactly is Shab-E-barat? Let us take a look in detail.

Customs Of Shab-E-Barat

Since it is the day of deliverance from sin, the people are supposed to pray by reciting verses from their holy book. It is believed that on the night of Shab-E-barat, God descends from heaven and forgives all men who ask for mercy. He delivers them from all sins they have committed. Some people also observe fast on this day as a mark of penance for the sins committed by them. Further there is also a custom of visiting the cemetery on this day to pray for the deceased souls and offer prayers in their name.

Celebrations Of Shab-E-Barat

Shab-E-barat calls for a grand celebration. Houses and streets are illuminated with lights. Special sweets are prepared and distributed among the family members and guests. Performing charity is also one way of celebrating this festival. Flowers are offered to the deceased family members and prayers are offered for the deliverance of their souls.

Significance Of Shab-E-Barat

According to the beliefs, Shab-E-barat is the day when Allah frees all His sinful servants from Jahannam (Hell). A person’s life in the coming year is believed to be decided on this night. The names of the souls to be born and those who are to depart are decided on this night. The doors of forgiveness and mercy open wide on this night and the ones who pray with true devotion are forgiven and saved from Jahannam.
Thus, Shab-E-barat is an important festival for the Muslims. It is a great celebration of God’s forgiveness and His descent on Earth.

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