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Benefits of Salaat (Prayers) for Health and Beauty

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Salaat is the main pillar of Islam. Muslims offer prayers five times a day.
Scientific studies and researches have proved that salaat is incredibly
excellent exercise that helps in countless ways to keep the mind and body
healthier and the toned figure of person adds to beauty.

Each unit (Rakat) of salaat utilizes every single muscles of the body and
makes active all motor system of an individual.

When a person lifts his hands for Takbeer in the beginning of prayer, the
abduction of shoulders controlled by cervical part of spinal cord activates.

When the person goes in Ruku (bending), the movement of arms trunk and
hips involves cervical and lumbar muscles.

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Similarly, in Sajdah or bowing down, the movement involves many muscles
especially the nerve controls.

These different postures of prayers have been designed in a manner that
most of the motor systems of the brain gets stimulated and overpowering
muscles of the body are brought into an action. Salat includes a definite
number of units (rakahs) are repeated numerous times. Therefore, repeating
postures from standing in Takbeer to bending in Ruku to prostrating until
sitting for a number of times ensures several exercises.

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This exercise is very good for eyes, convergence and divergence of eyes
will strengthen the power to great extent. It also increases the circulation of
blood and likewise many other benefits are associated with every Rakahs to
keep body healthy. When one gets healthier automatically, beauty reflects

Every part (rukn) of Islam has many seen and unseen benefits and the
followers can have numerous advantages. From Wuduh or ablution until
the end the person performing salat benefits physically but also mentally
and spiritually. For the Muslim women it is the perfect workout to reduce
cholesterol, avoid coronary diseases, diabetes, and other ailments. It
promotes healthy digestion, increases the flow of blood, relaxes entire body
and provides a relief from tension.

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