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The Rights of Your Neighbors

Islam is a beautiful and compact religion. It is a religion of peace, harmony and social tolerance. It teaches us to live and behave nicely in the society. The true image of Islam can only be portrayed in front of the world if we truly implement the teachings of Islam.

As I said it is compact and complete religion it also teaches us how to behave with our neighbors and the rights of the neighbors. This article just pinpoints some important and critical rights of the neighbors.

As you know being a human being everyone has the right to live but being a neighbor makes it a great duty. You have to take care of your neighbors. You should keep the sound of your speakers low and especially when the neighbors are sleeping you should keep the volume down or use headphones to listen to the NAATS and lectures you have recorded.

You should take care of the neighbors, if by some condition they don’t have the lunch or dinner, you should prepare one for them. Is you keep in mind the true essence of Islam, your neighbors have more than one third of the total rights that other people have on you.

In the same way if you keep the neighbors happy, you will feel better yourself, keeping such a relation with your neighbors make Allah Almighty happy at you too.