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Modern Islam

World is changing in each and every second. This world has changed greatly then the time when Islam establish. In this modern world the life style of people is totally different then old times. This current world gives a new shape to the Muslim world also. To live in this faster world Muslim society changed their life style greatly which has both the positive and negative effect.

Modern Islam is helps to create a good number of educated Muslim. For different reason a big part of Muslim world went under the black whole of illiteracy. This made a great harm to the Muslim world. Currently, this modern world is breaking that clutter and this is greatly important for Muslim world.

Modern Islam gives the equal chance to the man and woman on the basis of Islamic law, but in past it was not possible. This helps greatly to improve the quality of life. Educated woman are helping Muslim society to get a good position in this world. Modern Islam is doing more research Quran which is the complete solution of life. This research helps the world people to get clearer picture of Islam. Modern Islam is making the life of Muslims so easier and giving clearer picture of Islam.