• HowtoPrepare-Your-Body-for-Fasting

    How to Prepare Your Body for Fasting?

    That anticipated cup of coffee following Fajr prayer. That juicy hamburger at lunch followed by that...

  • banner1

    The Holy Qur’an App for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and Windows Phone 7) & Qur’an Translations in 53 different languages

    Easy to read hand written font in popular Yassarnal Quran style with English translation of Hadhrat ...

  • 21image

    I Learned 21 Things at 21

    Ramadan has always been a time for me to make new resolutions and reflect on the past so that I can ...

  • 435787594_59551dab34_o

    Eco-Wudhu & Islam’s Bright Relationship To Water

    When I first learned about a wudhu that was environmentally friendly, I didn’t understand how ...

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