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King Shaddad -Self Made Paradise

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Shaddad was historical king of lost Arabian city of Iram of the Pillars. Various sources suggest Shaddad was the son of Ad.

Allah took away the life of Shaddad’s mother in a boat where no one else was there but  He sustained him even there. Shaddad became the foremost ruler of the world. He was mighty king and his conquests extended to Syria, Iraq and the frontier of sub-continent of  Indo-Pakistan. He gained such power that the east and the west paid obeisance to him.

He was an avid reader of books. When he came across the description of Paradise, the inlaid rubies and pearls and other bounties, he wanted to construct a Paradise at par with the Paradise of Allah.

Thus he appointed one hundred people for building the ‘Paradise’. And under each one of  them he deputed a thousand workers. Then he ordered them to look for a vast tract of  land in the wilderness and construct a city of gold, silver, rubies, emeralds and pearls. To construct pillars of emeralds. To construct palaces and fix windows to them and windows upon these windows. Below the palaces, they should plant fruit orchards and make streams flow underneath.

Then for three hundred years continued the construction of the palatial city.Its four sides were one hundred and twenty miles long. The bricks of the buildings were of gold and silver. The trees were also made of silver and gold. Diamonds and precious stones were fixed in the place of fruits. The upper surface of soil was made of pieces of  coral and pearls. They were spread as this way that soil was not seen.

Iram, the city was built by King Shaddad as an imitation of the Earthly paradise and was truly the most splendid and magnificent city ever seen on Earth. It was known as the Garden of Iram.

When Shaddad was informed that his heaven is completed, he went to enjoy himself inside but he could not enter, one step in side and his last time approached and he died. The total age of Shaddad was 900 years.