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Do You Want To Look Ravishing? – Go for Fasting

Many people crave for glowing and healthy skin to look younger. But what they do not know is that beauty is skin deep. Only healthy skin can make you look ravishing without needing much makeup on it.

There are plenty of treatments and methods to get radiant skin. Plethora of websites is there to update their users with latest techniques, products and methods to look ravishing all the time. Good skin needs plenty of nourishment and you need to give enough time to establish a good beauty regime including expensive spa treatments.

Late night sleep, avoiding exercise, taking junk foods, using generic skin products, not taking plenty of water are like hazards to get desirable skin. A stunning look of the skin can be achieved and maintained by taking healthy sleep, metabolized exercises, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, using herbal skin products and consuming at least 8 glasses of water daily.

It is obvious that there is no magical pill or it cannot happen overnight. Some of us follow the above suggestions but get tired or bored soon after. It is not easy to maintain a regime or feasible to spend thousands of dollars on the useless skin products and treatments. It is perhaps more difficult with a tight budget, increasing inflation and recession in many countries. So, what you need is the real secret of having healthy and beautiful skin. A good way of getting ravishing skin and beautiful healthy complexion is fasting in Ramadan.

Most of the recoveries are usually faster than normal while fasting. Fasting is way of getting rid of toxins, and allowing the body to prepare itself from the root level on its own risks. Fasting is the best method to replenish and detoxify tired dull looking skin. And, fasting in Ramadan for the sake of pleasing your Allah Subhana Wa Tallah is the most kind act towards your body, heart, soul and of course, the skin.

Fasting has a potential to improve mental abilities. It strengthens and aids in the process of quick weight reduction without slackness. Fasting for Allah Subhana Wa Tallah can keep the nervous system balanced and last but not the least your skin gets benefitted the most.

  • Quran Tutor

    Well, Fasting is the main important role in the Month of Ramadan, and as being a Muslims we should take care for fasting and we should take care of every possible aspect of fasting, so that we can get maximum m reward. Because in Quran, Allhah promised that He can only one who can give reward for this special reward i.e. Fasting …

  • anonymous laydee

    I disagree that it is good for skin. Fasting is really good for the mind and teaches the internal body to be tolerant but due to Suhoor being at late hours it takes its toll on sleep therefore giving the fastee a haggard and tired appearance due to lack of a full nights sleep on a regular basis. I have very sensitive skin that flakes on top of that if I don’t get a full nights rest – had it not been a religious request I would find other ways of detoxing.