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Some questions when alone

Uproar! Its uproar everywhere!

It is restless agitation of aggressive people everywhere and privacy is lost. We are deprived of any chances to free ourselves from the insane chaos of the world to a serene and intimate setting and to evaluate our life. This loss yields a dreadful adversity.  We are unable to keep the imperative self purity in our life.

Privacy is essential for a true believer. Prophet (Peace be upon him) once told: “Those who remember Allah in seclusion and shed tears, will be shaded by Allah under His shade on the day when there will be no shade but His.” He added, those who shed tears this manner will never enter the hell as long as it is impossible to transfer a cow’s milk back to its udder once it’s been milked out. Isn’t it a formidable fortune to be able to strictly and uncompromisingly question our past behavioral approaches and the spiritual life and correct the faults, during our ‘own’ precious lonely moments?

Such solitary moments inspire many to think differently. Remembering Almighty God in our secluded moments will remind us that we have not been sailing through the track of faith, and we should strive to make our future life candid, conscientious and moral. In fact, how and who a person ‘behaves’ in his private life, defines  what/who he is; rest everything is superficial. In public, only the admirable splinter of one will be exhibited and will pretend as much honest as possible. He would be strict in offering prayers, pious, preacher and a guide, but not necessarily be exemplary in his private moments, committing sins when no one is around, gets enslaved by the alluring beauty of evil deeds, forgets Almighty Allah in seclusion and becomes neglectful even by understanding punishments from Allah. Doesn’t this dilemma conquer many of us, as well?  Yes, Indeed! Very few people utilize their rarely obtained lonely moments in introspection and righteous deeds.

A Hadith reports that Umar (May Allah please with him) had fearfully asked tough questions to himself when he got some private moments, as he passed behind a wall during a journey along with Anas (May Allah please with him).

Life, Death, Judgment Day, Heaven and Hell… aren’t these frightening us? Don’t we have to question our own conscience  in a more intolerant way than a cruel dictator? We should be able to contemplate on ourselves, by keeping every worldly matters, which engross us aside. Often, we are insincere because, we fail to envisage on the purpose and aim of our own deeds.

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We can see in the preface of his famous book ‘Ihya ul Uloomidheen’, Imam Gazzali (May Allah please with him) specifies the importance and necessity of introspection. Please analyze our lives and ask following questions:

  • Did I start my day by reciting the morning invocations(Dhikr) taught by Prophet?
  • Am I keen in offering the ‘five times prayer a day’ in the congregation in Masjid?
  • Do I read at least a small portion from Holy Qur’an every day?
  • Do I set time aside  to read Islamic books?
  • Do I keep myself away from committing sins, conquered by the remembrance  that Allah is nearer?
  • Do I have a dear friend who precisely follows commands of Allah?  OR  (Do I have a dear friend for the sake of Allah?)
  • Do my involvements in Islamic activities aim to pave a way for my success in the hereafter?
  • Do I help at least one poor person every day, in any possible way?
  • Do I fulfill the responsibilities towards my family in such a way that they would not testify against me in front of Allah?
  • Does the belief, ‘Allah is with me’ bring peace of mind in all hurdles?
  • Do I learn at least one ‘Sunnah’ (practices of prophet) every day and practice it?
  • Do I pray for others?
  • Do I constrain myself,  not to commit falsehood, deception or distrust to any one? Am I truthful in my words?
  • Do I memorize the prayers taught by prophet meant to offer in various occasions?
  • Do I go to bed with an intention to wake up early and pray ‘Thahajjudh’ (Night prayer)?
  • Do I assure that I practice things that I preach to others?
  • Do I ‘remember’ Allah in seclusion?
  • Does the thought death is always nearer, frighten me?
  • Can I pledge that I will not accomplish anything ‘Haram’ (prohibited)?
  • Did I  seek Allah’s forgiveness (Thouba) upon the sins committed?
  • Do I pay Zakath and Charity regularly?
  • Do I participate at least in one Islamic gathering weekly, apart from Friday Jumua?
  • Do I make virtuous people my exemplars?
  • Do I have the courage to question injustice and falsehood?
  • Do I keep punctuality – one of the best habits of a true believer – in my life?
  • Do I show integrity in all responsibilities assigned?
  • Do I interrogate myself in private moments?
English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

Source: feelislam.com