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Supplication to attain fortitude!

supplication 480x533 Supplication to attain fortitude!

اللَّهمَّ إنِّي أسألُكَ إيمانًا يباشرُ قَلبي ، ويقينًا صادقًا حتَّى أعلمُ أنَّهُ لا يصيبُني إلَّا ما كتبتَ لي ورضًا بما “”قسمتَ لي

“Allahumma Innee As’alukka imaanan yubaashiru Khalbee, wa yakheenan Swadhikhan hattha a’alama an laa usweebanee Illa maa Kathabthanee wa ridan bimaa kasabtha lee”

(O Allah, I ask you for imaan that is deep rooted in the heart, a sincere conviction that nothing will afflict me except what You ordained, and a complete satisfaction in what you have provided for me.)

This is a supplication that strengthen our imaan and impart us the will and courage to lead a peaceful life contented with Allah’s decrees and destiny. This supplication, Prophet (peace be upon him) prayed while he was in ‘Makhamu Ibrahim’, should be memorized by each believer. A true believer will never be affected by the angst of perils. The firm belief and hope in Allah, who loves one more than his parents and mate, is what sustains him and provide him strength.

“If it was like that”, “If I had that”, “If it was like this”… Prophet (peace be upon him) prohibited all such talks. He warned that such thoughts are the doors opening to evil acts. Qur’an reminds us that such talks are that of unbelievers. “O you who have believed, do not be like those who disbelieved and said about their brothers when they traveled through the land or went out to fight, “If they had been with us, they would not have died or have been killed,” so Allah makes that [misconception] a regret within their hearts. And it is Allah who gives life and causes death, and Allah is Seeing of what you do.” (3:156)

Things bound to happen will definitely happen. No one can alter it. We should keep this fact in our minds all the times and remind the same to others. How great a relief is the words from Quran – “No disaster strikes except by permission of Allah.. (64:11) gives us.

Death is certain. Every one, big or small, has a day appointed by Allah. Each and every one has to face it, either a few moments or days after birth or many years after. It is never possible for us to alter that date decided for us by Allah. “Even if you had been inside your houses, those decreed to be killed would have come out to their death beds” is what Allah mentioned in Quran (3:154). When everything is pre-decided, it is meaningless to whine or sadden on losses. Whatever Allah took back from us was given to us by Him only. We can only say “Lillahi maa akada wa lahu maa a’atwa, Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un” (لله ما أخذ وله ما أعطى, انا لله وانا اليه راجعون” – To Allah belongs what He takes and what He gives, surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return)

Life will be pleasing for those who can find firm belief and tranquility in Allah’s decisions. Thus, all worldly afflictions will end and mind will prosper with peace. Such will receive endless and uncountable rewards in the hereafter.

Translated by Abu Liyan

Source: http://feelislam.com/2013/09/supplication/