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How & Why Terrorism Spread – Identify the Real Cause

Commonly Europeans and Americans believe that they are civilized and good protectors of the rights of human-beings and it is impossible for their people to get involved in the terrorism. This self assumption completely controls their thoughts and on any terrorist activity they assume that the same is done by outsiders. Just like in the case of Oklahoma they suspect that the Muslims are behind this terrorist activity. Their leaders start the campaign against Muslims and this malaise remained till the real culprits got arrested. Nobody believes, he is purely native white American who has taken part in the operation of Iraq and killed thousands of Iraqi civilians.

terrorists How & Why Terrorism Spread – Identify the Real Cause

This is the example case that is necessary to keep in mind to understand the root cause of terrorism. It is not caused by Muslims but it is the reaction of something else. Actually terrorism is a very complex phenomenon and for fighting, comprehensive approach is primarily required. Its suppression and condemnation is essential. But it is not enough to achieve complete success. Prevention of conditions that creates a terrorist is crucially important.

Some of the obvious conditions that make the spread of the terrorism are human rights violations, conflicts, under-development and poverty. It is very dangerous to deal these issues with the short-term repression, demagogy and simplistic solutions. It is more dangerous to declare any ethnic or religious group or individual as terrorist. Human rights are a powerful tool for the eradication of these factors together with observance of the rule of law. These are assets in the battle against terrorism.

In today’s scenario there is a visible division existed among the communities. Their repair and building of mutual respect and common interests through dialogue is very essential. Intercultural and interreligious dialogues can be helpful to change the existing conditions. Addressing the main root causes of terrorism is the key to success.

The dire need is existed to promote the tolerance through encouraging cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue. This will need the involvement of non-governmental organizations and civil society for raising public awareness in the sectors of media, culture and education. The development of continuous measures on these lines will not only thwart the existing conditions but can be conducive for the spread of terrorism.

To tackle terrorism, the most efficient way is to eliminate those conditions that can lead people to chose for terrorism. For this reason, International community and independent media should have to provide the best environment for the individuals who are deprived of their rights. To defeat the terrorists, sincerity and faithfulness in the values and ideas is prime requisite. It is not enough to declare anybody as terrorist without observing and addressing their root causes of terrorism.