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Influence of the Muslims throughout the World

It is documented fact that 60% of the world’s wealth is under control of the Christian countries which is only 10% of the population. In Muslim countries the population earns merely $1145 annually whereas Christian population earns $28,033.

 Influence of the Muslims throughout the World

In the finance world Muslim nations merely account for 1% of the total value of the global equity. This influence of the Muslims therefore does not permit them to rule other societies where they have no money. It is a misleading conception that Muslims own that portion of the world that actually requires high level monetary conditions.

Muslims, due to extreme poverty, migrate to the developed countries hoping for a proper reward of their labour. That is the main reason behind their immigration, although there may be many others, such as persecution of their race or religion.. The developed countries want to send them back on the plea that the Muslims are influencing their society, and not for the good, according to some. This idea has been spread by the media without any real justification or proof. All 35 nations of America in the north and south have their roots in the Roman European culture and principles which still speak the language of the old world. Besides this, 53 nations of Africa, which were created by Europeans powers, work under these principles and laws.

At one time, Asia was subdued by European powers and maybe today’s Afghanistan also. Hong Kong and Singapore are still with the English as the dominant language and continue trading with the pound sterling. Australia has always been a part of the Commonwealth, and until the late 60’s, only Europeans were allowed to immigrate. For many years it was utilised for prison and the so-called criminals of Europe were sent there. European influence over the five continents is quite evident with these historical references and it is ground reality that Europeans dominate these regions now, but mostly in name only. So it is hard to believe that Muslims influence, dominate and infiltrate other nations where it is a fact that they have not sufficient ability to speak their own language properly.

Maybe the most fabulous endowment Muslims have presented to the world is Islam’s logic of using the information of the Qur’an, pureness in heart and clearness in the brain, for trying to influence all the world’s nations to serve God better, raise the principles of living, and elevate brotherhood and justice for all.

The standards illustrating the mission of the Prophet Muhammad, which have made a worldwide impact in the scientific realm, and social, profound society that framed the Golden Time period characterised by Islam, continued unsullied up to the 15th century. Accompanied by constant deliberation to incorporate confidence with explanation and learning with the material, Muslim and Islamic society of the Golden Age developed a persistent bond among science and ethics in the East & West. This adaptation would not be able to have been in the event that if it had not been for the vehicle of Islam, and the help of its wisdom.