In Islam the judgment day, also known as Qiyamah, refers to the final assessment of God over humanity. On that everyone will get reward and punishment for the works they have done in their life time. According to one’s deed they will either go to heaven or hell. Every Prophet of Islam warned people of that time to have faith in this judgment day because it is one of the important beliefs of Islam.

Besides Allah, no angel or prophet has the knowledge of the time of the Judgment day. However the holy book of Islam, the Holy Quran points out that certain event will take place before the time of Judgement Day. The last prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammed, explained in details and the consequences of the judgment day knowing that it will come upon on this very humanity. The messenger of Islam has also talked about some major and minor signs prior to the final hour.

Major Signs:  The major signs of judgment day are the return of Jesus, Rising of the Sun from etc.

Minor Signs: Minor signs include drinking of alcohol, pervasiveness of ignorance and other signs like this. It is believed that on judgment day a new life will begin that will never end.

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