subhanallah Modesty Is Ornament Not EnslavementThe most precious and beautiful of all creations is woman. Allah SWT has made woman in a unique way. She can bear enormous pains and yet she is so delicate. She is fragile like the petals of flower but has enormous tolerance.

Woman is created to manifest the love of Allah SWT for His creatures. She is the most precious pearl and her fragrance of love for her children is mesmerizing. Let us suppose you had a precious gem in your collection. Would you keep it on the shelf and pray that it should remain safe? Or would you prefer it to be kept safe in your front pocket? You might check often with your hands and feel its presence. You will feel much better knowing that it is in safe place and no one can steal it.

Women’s modesty is exactly as much precious as that stone in your pocket is and even more. It is more precious than anything else in this world is so it is you – who should take care. Keep it safe and away from hideous people. Let no thief steal that is most precious and Allah SWT has gifted you. If a woman can evaluate her own worth and value – If a woman can see her own beauty the way she is looked upon – if only she could understand her strength that heaven is in the dust of her feet – she would keep herself veiled.

Beauty is not in manifestation of sexuality to prove your individuality. Beauty is skin deep; in fact, it is the beauty of soul and heart and spirit. It is so valuable and valued that no one in this whole universe and beyond can claim the same. Your Creator knows your anatomy and the needs deep within your heart. Allah SWT knows your deepest desires and He SWT created you from the best part of man, the ribs. Neither from the head nor from the feet but the closer to the heart to let them know – you, is his better half – neither low nor superior.

If you veil yourself then it is clear declaration that you are aware of your worth. You are evaluating, YOU, and know exactly how to treasure yourself. Modesty is ornament not enslavement and you know how to look beautiful adorned in your special way.

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