Weightlifting’s world governing body agreed Wednesday to modify its clothing rules to accommodate a female Muslim competitor from the US.

Kulsoom Abdullah was barred from entering higher-level US competitions because her faith requires that she covers her arms, legs and head, violating international rules governing weightlifting attire.

USA Weightlifting took her case to the International Weightlifting Federation, which agreed to change the rules after its technical committee reviewed the proposal.

“The modified rule changes permits athletes to wear a one-piece, full-body, tight-fitted ‘unitard’ under the compulsory weightlifting costume,’’ IWF vice-president Sam Coffa said. “The ‘unitard’ will enable technical officials to adjudicate areas of the body which are essential to the correct execution of the lift.’’

Reports said, Abdullah began lifting last year at her gym in Atlanta, and discovered she was surprisingly good at the sport. She qualified for the US Open Weightlifting Championships last December, but the event’s sponsoring body, USA Weightlifting, told her that she would not be able to compete in her modified uniform that covers everything but her hands, feet, and face.