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Ramadan- Reasons for Fasting

fasting856200052 1376111212 n 600x412 Ramadan Reasons for Fasting

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise until sundown abstaining form eating food, drinking and having sexual relations. There are many reasons why Muslims fast during  Ramadan.

  • Fasting in Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, constituting one of the most important spiritual practices designed to empower a human being in overcoming the self  and transcending the ego, the one true veil between a human being and his or her Creator. Continue Reading →

Islamic view on war and Terrorism – The classical Islamic perspective

December 16th, 2012
by Sufia

War and Terrorism, The events of 9/11, London and Madrid bombings, daily bombings in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq
have led Islam to being regarded as being a violent religion in the western world. The reason why
non-believers think Islam is a synonym for terrorism is because many terrorists have turned out to be
Muslims, they are attacking Muslim populated regions and have made their violent plans in Islamic
countries and live there.

war and Terrorism Islamic view on war and Terrorism – The classical Islamic perspective

In reality, these terrorists have no rights to be called Muslims. They are just violent creatures
who are using Islam as an excuse to create violence around the globe and trying to put hatred for
Islam in many people’s hearts. They call this act of terrorism ‘Jihad’ that means fighting in the way of
Allah Subhana Wa Taallah to them. But in reality the word Jihad means struggling and perfecting inner
personality according to the Holy Quran and Sunnah teachings.

War and Terrorism, Islam is a religion of peace, love and hope.

But today around the world Muslims are treated very badly where they are settled in minority
populations. Non-believers abuse them in public; they say sarcasm about Islam and taunt them at every
step of their life. Muslim trade has declined and is going to lose. The western world has discouraged
trade with Muslim businessmen and has broken many deals and partnerships.

All these terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Tahreek-e-Taliban and many other extremist groups
have created a very bad image of Islam around the world. In reality, Islam doesn’t promote violence;
if one has any doubts about this religion then they can read the Holy Quran which is available in many
languages. The Quran will help remove all doubts about religion Islam.

Prophet Muhammad Sallalaho Alayhi Wasalam was the last prophet of this religion; he completed the teachings of Islam and declared it as a universal religion complete for every living thing. Prophet Muhammad Sallalaho Alayhi Wasalam
himself said not to kill any child, woman, sick or elderly people, not to chop down fruitful trees, or kill
any animals except for sheep, cow and camels for food.

Islam brings the message of peace and brotherhood. In Holy Quran, it is mentioned to be polite
with Muslims and non-Muslims. Muslims can invite non-believers to the religion Islam but can’t force
them, in fact should leave those people in peace who love their religion. It is a real fact that war is not
solution of any dispute in the world. It is important to solve the disputes by table talk and discussion.

Students’ failure in exams – Tips for passing an Exam

November 21st, 2012
by Sufia

Failing an exam is one of the worst nightmares anyone could have. According to research and studies, the number of failing students is getting higher and higher every day. There was a time when there used to be a competition among students of one class all wanting to acquire higher marks than one another and passing out with good grades. Mainly gone are those days; these days students only study the important contexts of the syllabuses to pass an exam and some are born geniuses.

Muslim student prayer t460 Students’ failure in exams Tips for passing an Exam

The reasons why the majority of students are failing exams are stress, depression, pressure from parents or guardians, competition and comparison. These days’ parents and teachers put a lot of pressure on a student’s mind, which in the end makes them stressful and prone to nervousness. They fail the exams even when they know the answer. With the new technology coming up everyday many students have moved away from studies and are wasting their precious time with these gadgets. There are some students who don’t study year round but only when the last couple of months are left for the annual exams.

This article will highlight tips for passing exams and acquiring good grades. The first tip is to begin with the name of Allah Subhana Wa Tallah. Recite Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. It will not only bless you and your work but provide help to be focused. Being attentive from the very first day of the year would help a lot. A student should concentrate harder on lectures from the beginning. Note each and everything dictated by the teacher and copy the things written on the board as they are exactly. After going home from school, college or institution the student should revise what was explained in the day’s lecture and then make notes neatly in a notebook. If the student keeps up with this pace for the first day then they will do very well in exams. For revision, these notes will help a lot.

The second tip is highlighting every important thing from the textbook and then solving the answers at the end. This will help student in comprehending the text and then giving the explanation later on. The third tip is to solve past papers and questions every day.

The fourth tip for the students is to maintain a daily diary.

This diary can mark the timings for specific things and activities; it will keep the routine running and will not keep the student in stress. It will also help in examinations. The students should work hard to achieve the targets in their life. The passing of exams is not sufficient to progress in life instead; students should participate in all positive activities.

Last but not the least; recite Rab e Zidni ilmaa lot of times throughout the day. This is a combination of very powerful words and helps in getting success, increases memory and enhances learning abilities.

Why Does Islam Forbid Magic And Sorcery?

Magic and sorcery have been seen by true Islams as advice by devils or demons and no one should indulge in any of this type of future-telling or advice. Allah and the Prophet Muhammad are the only ones who have true access to this knowledge and so they are the only ones who should be consulted on it. Allah has the answers to every problem and so should be the one to be consulted for any desire or trouble, not anyone else. However, this is not to say that magic shows are disallowed in Muslim countries, if they can prove they are only for entertainment and not for anything else.

magic islam 480x559 Why Does Islam Forbid Magic And Sorcery?

The Prophet Abu Hurairah warned people against seven things in the world, of which magic was one of them. Whatever people consult or whomever they visit to learn these things is considered a rejection of Allah in a very bad sense, and punishment will strike these misguided people. Even the lighter forms of future-telling such as reading the stars for a person or telling their life from their palms is also forbidden. Anyone who indulges themselves with magic by visiting a witch or a soothsayer is punished by Allah by having his or her prayers ignored for forty days.

Even those who believe in it but do not practice magic are considered sinners. Magic is thought to be concerned with powers given by Satan, even though many practitioners of magic try not to bring harm to others by thoughts, deeds or other means. There is always the way down into the forbidden arts, which are considered the blackest imaginable. Many acts of absolute atrocity are committed against men, women and children and animals in the guise of magic and the lunatics who strive to make it acceptable to the world.

Magic, simple or complex, is simply seen as haraam or forbidden. It is a temptation to Man to ask of others rather than Allah for answers, future-seeing and other things, including temptation into lust, eating wrongly, consuming alcohol, all of which are forbidden in the Muslim faith. Some practitioners of the dark arts desecrate graves, eat pork and drink blood, all very wrong occupations to a Muslim and attributed to Satan, as well they should be in any country.

To a Muslim, competence in magic can only be attributed to Satan, not Allah, and, as such, it is thought the person may obtain greater powers than Allah. To a true believer this cannot be, as the only Power is Allah, and He has not given permission for this to be so. Many things are attributed to witches, warlocks and others in a Muslim country, and they will be lucky to escape with their lives if they are uncovered. Allah’s punishment is not usually very pleasant for any practitioner of the so-called dark arts.

Islam – The Complete Way of Life

Islam %E2%80%93 The Complete Way of Life Islam – The Complete Way of Life

Quran is the manual for every human on this planet and Sunnah is the practice of each and every word in Quran. The followers of true Islam or Deen follow both Quran and Sunnah to achieve the pleasures and rewards here and life hereafter.

The biggest reward for any human can be his or her God whom he or she worships is pleased and this is exactly what one can do if follows the teachings mentioned in Quran. From marriage to education, from lap to grave every topic and subject is covered in the Holy Book Quran. So, the only need is to study and implement as well as learn the teachings of real Islam by following the Sunnah of Holy Prophet.

It is our perception and thoughts by the help of which we perceive things. We just stick to what we hear and what we see, rather than coming to a conclusion after a thorough research. That is a dilemma that needs to be overcome sooner or later if we want to live in a peaceful society that wants to progress.

The quest to find the truth should always be there and the thirst to find out the hidden facts should never be settled with anything. This quest is like an ignition that makes the body and soul going and ultimately it leads to the cognition of truth i-e knowing the truthful information. This cognitive framework related to the discovery of the truth can indeed be called as Islam. Truth always makes your life sound and so does Islam, which has nothing, but truth.

Islam is a complete code of conduct and has all the golden principles of living a happy and peaceful life. Exploring the principles and applying them to the daily life is the main issue. Islam provides us with the guidelines relating to every aspect of life like law, economics, banking and the list goes on and on. In short, Islam has the guidance for us in every walk of life, and it is up to us that how we respond to that.

Certainly, many of the European and Asian countries that have stepped on the road of development, have shaped their model according to the ideals of Islam and because of that, they have touched the heights of success. Following the principles of Islam, one can be rest assured that he is on the right track, and as the teachings of Islam have no hidden entity involved in it, anyone can look into the things to believe himself.

Muslim managers and their roles in view of time management

Management is defined as the process of integrating resources and tasks towards the achievement of stated organizational goals. Time is one of these important resources that need proper management. Other resources may include human resource, machinery, etc. management can also be defined as the process of getting things done effectively and efficiently through and with other people. The term process used means a series of actions or a method of operation to achieve the stated goals. Management is a continuous process and many but inter-related activities are performed by the managers to achieve the stated goals.

Muslim managers like other managers lead organizations and the concept of time management is very important to them for their success in such institutions. An organization is usually defined as a group of people with formally assigned roles, working together to achieve stated goals. A manager is a person who organizes, leads and controls and the leads the work of others to achieve the organizational goals.

The Muslim managers have a responsibility to ensure efficiency in using time by the workers in a cost saving way and efficiency in making the right decisions and successful implementation of the same in view of time management. Efficiency in the use of time is viewed in light of the ability to make the best use of the available time in the process of achieving the organizational goals. This can be achieved through proper leadership and directives on the tasks and sub-tasks to accomplished by the workers in the firm.

A Muslim manager must equally have the general skills for proper management to ensure that the employees manage time well.  He has to seek internal and external information about issues that can improve on the time management which finally have a bearing on the achievement of the organizational goals. He also has to be good at transmitting information internally that is obtained from either internal or external sources on ways of improving on the management of time. He should also seek the public opinion on some of the best ways of management of time. He also has the obligation to ensure that enough resources are allocated to activities and accessories that can help effect the management of time in the organization to ensure easier achievement of the organizational goals.

Time wasters which are a common problem to most of the organizations should be avoided at all costs. Any unsuitable utilization of time should be avoided and other time wasters ignored. The managers can equally control the time wasters by: defining the objectives and defining tasks, arranging priorities, organizing the office, controlling unnecessary interruptions and efforts and application of the effective skills of communication. Finally the Muslim managers have a great responsibility in ensuring that there is proper management in the utilisation of time in their organizations to ensure achievement of the organizational goals since this is a command from the most high God himself as spelt in the holy Quraan.


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