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Rights of wives and husbands in Islam

Islam has given equal rights to men and women. They are exactly the same with exception of a very few. Allah Subhana Wa Taallah has given men more power than women; this is because men are supposed to protect their women. In Islam a woman is not supposed to contact any male except for those in blood relations, but if a situation occurs then she should lower her gaze and then talk to the Na-Mahram. Same goes for men.

husband wife islam Rights of wives and husbands in Islam

Women are supposed to keep themselves covered except for their face, hands and feet. The relationship of a man and women in Islam is very beautiful. It’s all about men protecting their wives and wives giving their endless love and respect to their husbands. The home of a wife and husband is very noble, Allah Subhana Wa Taallah commanded both spouses to take care of each other and their trust. If a wife or husband doesn’t like a person then they should not be allowed to enter the house. The husband’s rights of a wife are that they should be treated with kindness, they should be fed well, and
they should be kept in good manner and should be talked with gentle politeness.

The husband should provide her with good clothes and keep her safe. If a person wants to visit a marital home then the wife should ask her husband for permission, if the husband declines then the person should not be invited in. But if the husband remains silent on the matter, then the wife should think of it herself.

A husband has no right to stop her wife from visiting her parent’s place once a week.

If a wife does something out of ignorance then the husband should forgive her if the wife asks for forgiveness. If a wife is involved in adultery then the husband can divorce her only after he confirms the situation. If a wife doesn’t wish to have sexual intercourse then the husband should not force her, intercourse is only acceptable when both spouses are equally willing to fulfill their desires. A wife has the complete right of being clean, applying scent and wearing good clothes for her husband’s eyes only.

For a successful marriage, both spouses should respect each other; they should have mutual understandings and should be confident with their trust. They should not cheat and respect each other’s needs. Husband and wife should trust on each other because it is important for a strong relationship.

What Does Islam Say About Extra Marital Affairs?

 What Does Islam Say About Extra Marital Affairs?Islam is a religion of peace and harmony not only that Islam teaches us the lesson of being truthful and clears in all the matters of our life. If parents remain true to each other kids will automatically learn this lesson and will not lie or deceive their parents, siblings or friends. This is what Islam asks for us to be in every relationship. Islam teaches us to be true by all means this is the key to have peace and harmony and most importantly trust and respect in all of relationships.

Husband, wife relation is the most sensitive yet beautiful relationship one can have on this earth. Loving and being loved is one of the most beautiful desires a human being has. One can have a smooth can calm married life if he/she follows all the teachings of Islam and fulfills all the obligations on him/her. Respect is also another important pillar in making your marital life a lot more peaceful and harmonized. More you respect your partner more you will be respected in return. Trust is another main thing in making or breaking a relation. In married life if husband does not trust his wife or wife does not respect her husband it can eventually result in a disaster.

When any of these is missing in relationship things start getting bad leading to worst situation. Same is the case in married life there are many factors that can ruin your married life. Some of the illegal actions committed by any of them weather husband or wife it can result in separation or ultimately divorce.

One of the biggest things leading to end of marriage is to deceive your partner. This is done in a variety of ways. A woman or a man who loves her/his partner to the bottom of his/her heart when finds him or her partner cheating on her or him for anyone else results in hatred, arguments and many times to divorce. Islam does not favor any kind of extramarital affairs leading to adultery. There are clear instructions by

ALLAH in Quran the Holy book of Muslims also his messenger Holy Prophet S.A.W also forbade Muslim men and women of committing adultery or having interest in other men or women other than their husbands or wives.

Some of the laws and regulations mentioned in Quran are as follows:

  • The unrestricted mingling of the sexes, which ultimately leads to adultery, must be prevented.
  • Men and women are not to converse freely except in the presence of another person.
  • Unless they have become mates through the institution of marriage, men and women are not to gaze at each other with lewd passion.
  • They are not to speak, or flirt, in a manner that evokes lust.

At first Islam provides an open permission for the fulfillment of all the desires through the recourse of legal procedure.  Despite of all this, those who do not follow Islamic lessons not only destroy the fabric of Islamic society and also the family. Islam prescribes severe punishments to those who do not adhere to the Islamic rules and regulation.

Muslim Husband – Should Be a Man of Islamic Principles

The holy book Quran of Muslims has laid down qualities and principles for an ideal Muslim husband. This is the right place to understand the behavior standards laid by the book for an ideal husband.

muslim husband Muslim Husband Should Be a Man of Islamic Principles

In the west, Islam prohibits practicing having premarital sex and girl friends. The Quran principles have clearly stated that men capable of supporting their wife must protect her chastity by marrying her.

Men considering themselves to be unfit for marriage need to practice fasting. However, the families choose the right partners for both, women and men. The religion preacher guides the Muslim husband to look for a Muslim woman and to offer a happy Islamic marriage. This builds an everlasting and strong marriage, besides good Islamic relationship.

As per the Islamic principles, a Muslim husband should look at his first duty to provide clothing, food and shelter to his offspring and wife resulted of this marriage. Hence, women are free of financial duty and offering financial security is completely shouldered by Muslim husbands.

Muslim husbands are expected to follow the Islamic principles so that they do not harm their wives. However, the principles of Islam allow a wife to go for divorce in case her husband is doing something unlawful to her or if he is an alcohol addict.

Muslim men as per Islamic religion need to offer financial assistance even after divorce and do not interfere in her life after divorce, regardless of the way of life she prefers to live and lead.

The Islamic law states the husband to educate his wife about Muslim customs. It is his duty to support her, not suppress her. He should consult in important matters and adhere to it if it is good and reasonable. In fact, the holy book offers right for the husband to beat his wife, in case she fails following Islamic norms and obeying her husband, despite enlightening her.

Finally, Islamic husbands are the one treating their wives with dignity. He should treat her with a smiling face, should be easy going natured and have a smiling face. Islamic marriage asks each husband to respect their wife so that their marriage consummates. This is the ground rule as husband is the Imam and has to take care of the household.

However, any good Muslim husband is not arrogant or chauvinistic, but is in authority.  He does not roam ordering, but takes care to attend and center things to be orderly.

Husbands need to be a good provider and should not fritter his money away. It is the duty of every Muslim husband to treat his family with respect and equality by honoring his wife and giving equal respect to his mother.

No wife or husband is perfect, it is made perfect with love and act state the Islam principles and is expected to follow.

What is nikah? The truth behind the islamic veil

nikah What is nikah? The truth behind the islamic veil

Nikah is the Islamic word for a marriage contract in which the bride and the groom promises in front of relatives usually close family members of both the sides to accept each other for the rest of their lives.

The importance of Nikah can be understood through the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who replied when once asked “What is more important than prayers”, he replied, “the spirit of prayer”, similarly when asked what was more important than fasting the answer was the spirit of fasting and so for everything else I Islam the most important thing is the spirit behind the action as it is the main guide which leads to action. So in this case what is more important than the marriage is its spirit which in this case is the Nikah?

NIKAH is a binding between two souls which can be conducted either at a single place where both the groom and bride are present or the help of the modern technology can also be taken and nowadays telephone and internet is also being used for conducting Islamic marriages or the Nokah.

The Hijab, which is the Arabic word of the veil is much emphasized is Islam and is considered a part of it as Islam lays much stress on the covering of a Muslim women in every age and step. In many societies Hijab is considered as a cultural part and something that is not a part of the Islamic religion however this is not the case. Anything that is deemed as cultural tends to have its roots from common practices and customs that have been living through for a long time now. Rather the covering of the women which resided in the past and carried on as a cultural aspect was known as the “Jahiliyah” which covered the women rendering her as a lower being as compared to man.

Islam gave the concept of Hijab or a veil to make the women an equal part of the society rather earning her more respect and dignity in the society. Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) declared clearly that it is incumbent upon every single Muslim to search for awareness no matter how far you have to go searching for it. Islam respects all women as equals in a society and the reason for recommending Hijab to them is only to provide them more self respect and an added bodily protection from the evils and wrongs of the society which are also a part of every civilization.

Women in Islam have many rights which were given to them 1400 years ago which are not well known even by many Muslims today. Women in Islam is give in some instances much more respect and honor than anything else and women are not just mere individuals to serve men or look after their homes or babies rather they are acknowledged as an individual being that has much self respect.

What is the Transgender and Islamic Cure to it?

transgender islam What is the Transgender and Islamic Cure to it?

Transgender which is also called Mukhannatun(in Arabic), is commonly utilized like the overarching term for many different individuals, behaviors and also groups involving tendencies on the gender continuum which are in resistance to and within divergence from the sex role (woman or man) generally but not continually assigned for life on birth. Transgender is definitely the state of someone’s identity not matching someone’s assigned gender that is commonly based on physical and genetic sex and of falling in to multiple classes in terms of sex or gender plus sexual identification. The Transgender is inclusive from such diverse categories like cross-dressing, the transsexuals plus any other characteristics and behaviors not usually associated with someone’s assigned gender.

A lot better array of human sexuality as well as gender identities exist compared to have been traditionally recognized in western culture. A possibility to discover how many distinguishable classes exists nevertheless is to list all of them within the terms of all those classes that are mutually exclusive, partly exclusive,  or even inclusive then crisis the numbers. Transgender is much less frequently utilized especially refer to folks whose gender identity and / or appearance is within an “in-between” condition, rather than just as one umbrella term. A more recent related term is the genderqueer that refers to mixing of the qualities traditionally connected with female and male, and may also refer to an in-between sense oftentimes associated with transgenderism.

The majority of folks who self-identify like genderqueer would utilize “transgender” solely like an umbrella term. In case physical appearance, gender perfectness as well as general behavior is similar exact than the internal feeling, it’s still the Transgender Hidden Symptoms (TGHS) symptoms or syndrome, which may become treated without any kind of surgical gender change. The Mukhannathun is the Arabic word-defining person who is born with male’s sexual organs and also behaves like male however inside there is the strong desire to become a female. Such folks hate the gender they’re born and try to become girl by hormonal therapy plus later gender change by surgery.

In Islam, in case the Mukhannath is normal within his sexual behavior, through physical appearance as well as by physical activities, however his internal perception is powerful to change the gender. Then it’s a physiological disorder that anyone should be treated by medicinal therapy, which can involve changing the hormonal level more powerful for what he’s born. Male hormones allow him to behave similar to man and think as man instead of female. Change of the sexual organs isn’t desired in Islam plus anyone suffering from the transgender syndrome will be treated spiritually with patience and endurance.
Transgender Hidden Symptoms (which is also called TGHS) could be successfully treated with all the following Zikroperational treatment by the patient on his own, while parents may help complete supplications concurrently.

The Leading Character of the Muslim Countries against the Homosexuality

Homosexuality in Islam 480x480 The Leading Character of the Muslim Countries against the Homosexuality

Same-sex intercourse has the death punishment in five Muslim countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mauritania and Yemen. This formerly carried death penalty inside Afghanistan beneath the Taliban plus in Iraq under the 2001 decree through Saddam Hussein. The lawful situation inside the UAE is unclear. In several Muslim countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, Maldives and the Algeria, homosexuality is punished along with fine, jail time and corporal punishment. In a few Muslim majority countries, such as Jordan, law doesn’t forbid in Turkey, Mali and Egypt same-sex intercourse. Nevertheless, in Egypt homosexuals have been the sufferers of jurisprudence against morality.

Inside Saudi Arabia, this maximum punishment of homosexuality is open public execution however; the government can utilize other punishments such as fines jail time together with whipping as alternatives until this feels that homosexuals tend to be challenging state authority through engaging in any LGBT rights movement. Iran is probably only the country to execute the biggest number of its people for homosexuality. Because the Islamic revolution of Iran, the Iranian authorities has executed greater than 4000 men and women charged with this homosexual acts. Inside Afghanistan after the drop of the Taliban, this homosexuality went from the capital crime to the one, which it punished with prison sentence and fines, plus a similar situation appears to have happened in Iraq.

The majority of international human rights agencies, for instance Human Rights Watch plus Amnesty International, condemn law regulations which make homosexual relations among consenting adults a criminal offense. Because in 1994, the UN Human Rights Committee also has ruled that these kinds of laws violated all the right to personal privacy guaranteed within the universal declaration from Human Rights as well as International Covent at civil and political legal rights. Nonetheless, (except for countries such as Turkey, which were needed to change their law regulations to become eligible to join European Union) the majority of Muslim nations persist that such laws and regulations are necessary to protect Islamic morality plus virtue. In the mostly Muslim countries, only exclusively Lebanon has an interior effort to legalize the homosexuality. However, several Muslims have mentioned criticism of the lawful sanctions utilized against homosexuality.

Reasons provided by Muslims condemnatory the executions contain the reality that several legal schools (such as Hanafi) regard this as unjustified the discussion that this death penalty is not specified for this in the Holy Qur’an; the concept that this punishment is unduly severe along with opposition to the concept that the state’s jurisprudence must be depending on religious belief. The introduction from the AIDS pandemic within the Muslim community has also promoted additional discussion regarding the legal status for homosexuality since the legal sanctions in opposition to homosexuality have made this difficult to initiate all educational programs directed on high risks groups.

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