The Leading Character of the Muslim Countries against the Homosexuality


Homosexuality in Islam 480x480 The Leading Character of the Muslim Countries against the Homosexuality

Same-sex intercourse has the death punishment in five Muslim countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mauritania and Yemen. This formerly carried death penalty inside Afghanistan beneath the Taliban plus in Iraq under the 2001 decree through Saddam Hussein. The lawful situation inside the UAE is unclear. In several Muslim countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, Maldives and the Algeria, homosexuality is punished along with fine, jail time and corporal punishment. In a few Muslim majority countries, such as Jordan, law doesn’t forbid in Turkey, Mali and Egypt same-sex intercourse. Nevertheless, in Egypt homosexuals have been the sufferers of jurisprudence against morality.

Inside Saudi Arabia, this maximum punishment of homosexuality is open public execution however; the government can utilize other punishments such as fines jail time together with whipping as alternatives until this feels that homosexuals tend to be challenging state authority through engaging in any LGBT rights movement. Iran is probably only the country to execute the biggest number of its people for homosexuality. Because the Islamic revolution of Iran, the Iranian authorities has executed greater than 4000 men and women charged with this homosexual acts. Inside Afghanistan after the drop of the Taliban, this homosexuality went from the capital crime to the one, which it punished with prison sentence and fines, plus a similar situation appears to have happened in Iraq.

The majority of international human rights agencies, for instance Human Rights Watch plus Amnesty International, condemn law regulations which make homosexual relations among consenting adults a criminal offense. Because in 1994, the UN Human Rights Committee also has ruled that these kinds of laws violated all the right to personal privacy guaranteed within the universal declaration from Human Rights as well as International Covent at civil and political legal rights. Nonetheless, (except for countries such as Turkey, which were needed to change their law regulations to become eligible to join European Union) the majority of Muslim nations persist that such laws and regulations are necessary to protect Islamic morality plus virtue. In the mostly Muslim countries, only exclusively Lebanon has an interior effort to legalize the homosexuality. However, several Muslims have mentioned criticism of the lawful sanctions utilized against homosexuality.

Reasons provided by Muslims condemnatory the executions contain the reality that several legal schools (such as Hanafi) regard this as unjustified the discussion that this death penalty is not specified for this in the Holy Qur’an; the concept that this punishment is unduly severe along with opposition to the concept that the state’s jurisprudence must be depending on religious belief. The introduction from the AIDS pandemic within the Muslim community has also promoted additional discussion regarding the legal status for homosexuality since the legal sanctions in opposition to homosexuality have made this difficult to initiate all educational programs directed on high risks groups.

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