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Religion in America- Towards a better understanding of religion

May 30th, 2012
by Sufia

islam in america Religion in America Towards a better understanding of religion

American society has gone through a lot of radical social changes ever since the attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11. One of such changes is the nation’s increased interest in religion on the whole. The horrific act of violence on 9/11 turned the whole world upside down.

Socio- political framework of the world has undergone a series of drastic changes. As an immediate reaction the whole world went against Islam but with the appearance of later proof about the responsibility of the attacks, the attitude has slowly reversed. American public’s shift towards religion is inevitably connected to the attacks and the people who caused them.

The horror that followed the attacks, the suffering that people witnessed, was enough to shake them hard. The questions about the importance of human life were raised at every forum. Terrorists were condemned globally. The turning point in all the mayhem was when America attacked Afghanistan and later Iraq.

World media and humanitarian organizations showed footages exposing that America was inflicting the same terror as did the terrorists. Human life meant nothing in any case. Serious reconsideration of politics and national interests is underway now. Questioning the society and life led people to religion, not only in America but all over the world. Hence we see millions of converts in the post 9/11 world.

The emergence of industry in the eighteenth century shifted the balance of society to commercialism from agriculture. The basic values of love and care got exchanged with economic and financial well being. Tribal identity vanished and even identity meant well being and status based on economy. The First World War and also the World War Two brought a regime of human rights around and the political ways of the governments were challenged but religion still remained in the background. 9/11 has put religion back on the agenda.

An overwhelming number of Americans, converting to Islam and other religions (in lesser numbers) from atheism shows humans quest for finding the meaning for life. In the process of giving life a meaning, American population is evidently moving towards a better understanding of religion. Every other day scientists are discovering new facts about universes, new theories are born and old ones are rejected. With every new discovery people are becoming more aware of their Creator.

Now the scientists have found that everything is written and mentioned in Quran, the book of God. The people are witnessing lot of miracles happening and proving the worth of becoming a true believer. Islam basically is the only religion that has code of life, and is a total manual for humans to follow and be successful. Islam is the chosen religion of Allah Subhan wa Tallah and the time is not far away when there will be the rule of Islam.

What Is Islamic Takaful?

Takaful What Is Islamic Takaful?

The Islamic laws are strict and one needs to make sure they abide on all the rules if they follow this religion. It mainly relies on the teachings of the prophet Mohammed and the message is found through the Islamic holy book called the Quran. Here, the followers get the daily teachings as well as find the laws they need to follow. When it comes to matters of insurance, one need to be very careful since this is supposed take care of matters that arise.

When one dies, all the money and property they have is sent to the family members if they have not left a will. When they die and they have left any form of debt, the total amount is given to the people they owe. This is the major rule in Islam that no one should die, leaving any debts and they need to make sure they have cleared all debts when they are alive or when they die, their families will take care of clearing the debt. This follows the pattern in most of the Western world, whereby the survivors of the person assume responsibility for any remaining debts.


How does Islamic Takaful apply?

Long ago, when the Arabs were trading, they decided to combine the funds in a mutual fund for insurance reasons. This was to benefit the people, who had difficulties in clearing the debts and they use the chance from the fund. Every member had the chance to take part in this trust and when they have passed on, the family gets the benefit. When people are trading, they end up taking loans and this mutual trust helped the traders in acquisition of capital. Through this fund, they would get all the assistance they need but when they have debts, the cash is deducted from their fund.

The work Takaful means to compensate each other and this made it easier for the traders to work along well together. This cut down on the lending costs and it built trust among the traders. When one takes time to invest in the fund, it makes it easier for them to deal with the other traders who are in the same mutual trust. This lead to the term insurance and compensation and one discovered who was safe to deal with amongst the other traders.

The Takaful made the Islamic traders close since they had to meet occasionally when they were dealing with an issue of compensation. When it comes to matters of trade and interest in the Islamic society, they are very strict and take time to deliberate on the issue. This method led to the emergence of trade in the Arabic world since it was easy for them to access the funds.


Takaful and insurance

Currently, this method is still going on in the Islamic countries but it has two pillars, which include the Mudarabah and Waqalah. They revolve around profit sharing and loss sharing especially in these days, where most of the Islamic countries are tied down to terrorism.

How to Choose an Islamic Forex Broker

An Islamic forex broker

Islamic Forex Broker How to Choose an Islamic Forex Broker

Many people are of the assumption that an Islamic forex broker deals with people who fall under this religion. This is not an actual reason and when you are opening a forex account, you are free to settle with any trading company you want and end up choosing the ideal and authoritative brokers.

When you decide on opening an account, you need specify if you want the Islamic account and this means you will operate under the no Riba trading account. This means that there are no interests from other parties, and the ideal channel of transacting the Islamic account is honored. In the Islamic laws, there are numerous rules when it comes to profits and interests. Many prefer to honor this pledge, hence the reason why there are specific Islamic banks and forex trading bureaus.

Well learned

When it comes to operating the forex account, the owner needs to learn and master all the details that pertains the duties of trading. Luckily, one does not need to go all through this sweat all thanks to the brokers. The broker has the capacity to understand the rules of operating the account. They also have the knowledge to know when the currency is declining. This means that the broker has the relevant information in honoring the rules of the Islamic code of conduct and is aware of the operational procedures.


When taking on the investment approach, you need to make sure that you are dealing with fair and just brokers, justas you should with any type of broker. Some do not follow the rules to the letter and end up channeling the funds for other projects, which is probably not what you had in mind. Others use quite a lot of cunning and trade when the currency is at the competitive stage and there are higher chances of making huge losses. It is important to settle with the ones who are registered and give them the opportunity to transact this business. When you take the time to understand the different companies that offer the Islamic broker, they end up getting the efficient results which is your main aim in trading.

Settling with some of the recommended Islamic brokers gives you the opportunity to deal with some of the best traders in the industry. This is because many previous clients have used the services and have learned from experience that they will do a good job. This makes it much easier for one to have faith in investing the cash and end up settling with the best option without trial and error.

Why Jews Can’t Criticize Sharia Law

May 18th, 2012
by Sufia

Why Jews Can’t Criticize Sharia Law Why Jews Can’t Criticize Sharia Law

Of course, every mechanism of this world, may it be mechanical, electrical or natural in characteristics, works on some defined principles and codes of conduct. And same goes the process with the mechanism of human life on earth. It needed something to guide it through and that code of conduct or set of laws came to man in the form of religion Islam. As it goes without saying that Islam is the religion that conforms to the human nature, that is, every single law mentioned and defined in this religion is right according to the straight nature of man. The followers of this religion require nothing supernatural or superhuman.

However, still, a number of critics from other religions who find it a challenge to disprove the natural approach of Islamic laws known as Sharia. Bulk of literature has been published over this issue but the amazing thing is that despite of these efforts, which spread over hundreds of years, the critics, especially the Jews have not been able to comfortably disapprove the worth of any of the laws stated in Sharia. And there are some really good reasons for this.

The first reason is the conformity of Sharia with the natural culture and behavior of human being in all eras of the world. For example, the laws relating to the penalties of certain sins, laws relating to the rights of women, children and neighborhoods, principles of business and partnership, system of governance and all other social set ups have been defined so clearly that it hardly takes a few moments to realize that these statements are all satisfying the natural requirement of our cultural and social systems. Therefore, the Jewish critics hardly find a space to criticize or argument over these laws mentioned in Islamic Sharia.

Then comes the proof of Islamic reality from the holy books of Jews. At a number of points in the holy books of Jews, they find signs and statements about the truthfulness and rightfulness of Islam and Islamic laws, thought most of those critics simply refuse to accept those statements in their own books or try interpreting their meanings in a way that they do not support Islamic Sharia.

Other reason is the scientific logics of Islamic laws. Most of the laws are such that a number of non-Muslim scholars and scientists have admired them scientifically and philosophically. This makes a reasonable hindrance to their criticism over Sharia. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that the Jewish lobby against Islam is working day and day out for exaggerating various aspects of Islamic laws but the fact of the matter is that they have not been able to do so because of solid foundations and universal truthfulness of Islam.

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