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The Words Insha’allah And Masha’allah Have A Special Place In The Glorification Of Allah Subhana wa Tallah

July 21st, 2012
by Sufia

Being a Muslim, Allah only asks for one thing from his believer to surrender; prostrate in front of him only, and submit his body and soul on His true guided path. Human life is full of uncertainties. What will happen tomorrow or even in the next hour we cannot be sure of? The core reason behind this natural phenomenon is that we are not the owner of our lives. Allah has created us from a clot of blood and he is our true creator thus only him Subhana wa Tallah owns us. Therefore, every act that we perform in daily life should be seeking His blessings and enlighten path that will lead us to which he promised us to give.

quran and lights The Words Inshaallah And Mashaallah Have A Special Place In The Glorification Of Allah Subhana wa Tallah

A Muslim is well-occupied with defined beliefs. Whenever a Muslim has to perform a task in future or whenever a decision has to be made regarding foreseeable time; he/she always uses the word insha’Allah. This word has power and magic in its meaning. Because when by predicting a moment or taking a stance for future you say insha’Allah, it means you have full faith in the inevitable event whether it favors one’s resolution or he may face failure in the choice that he has picked up. In case of unaccomplished task, a person does not have to be hold back with Allah Subhana wa Tallah’s will and wish.

Something is always special in Allah Subhana wa Tallah’s decision that is not apparent at the spur of moment but afterwards when time passes, a Muslim truly understands why Allah Subhana wa Tallah has not pushed him/her towards a particular direction. The word insha’Allah is not an ordinary set of characters. When you are reciting these letters; it actually raises your stance in front of Allah Subhana wa Tallah that you blindly trust Him.

Allah Subhana wa Tallah has crafted everything of this world magnificently therefore, there are some special astounding creatyres made by Him which truly fascinate our minds.  Pure souls on earth occupied with love and affection for Allah Subhana wa Tallah and his messengers; especially his beloved Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H), always admire the beauty that has been all around us in the shape of flowers, fruits, mountains, valleys, lakes or even the stream of galaxies and stars in sky.

By seeing such wonderful things, if we say masha’Allah that means we are actually admiring Allah Subhana wa Tallah’s beautifully designed creatures on earth, comprised of splendor and full of brilliance. These holy words should be part of our prayers through which we can attain good virtues. Every time when we say these glorious words, they add in our good book of accounts that is kept by Allah Subhana wa Tallah. In Qur’an, Allah Subhana wa Tallah has said many times to use these words commonly throughout entire life in every verdict to become protected from wrong thoughts and perceptions.

Allah Creates All Events Especially So That Islam Can Reign Across the World

July 14th, 2012
by Sufia

With the first ever man on earth, Islam was chosen as the true religion for every human being till the day of Judgment is formed. Allah Almighty sent His messengers who preached and taught the guiding principles of life. The essence of all their teachings and messages is called Islam. All the messengers who were sent on earth preached and conveyed message of Allah Almighty. None of the apostles of Allah Almighty declared themselves God. They taught about oneness of Allah and total faith in His existence and love for His creations.

islam 480x578 Allah Creates All Events Especially So That Islam Can Reign Across the World

With the birth of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and his preaching on Allah Almighty and his only acceptable religion, Islam has got its root classified and stronger with clear and definite values that a Muslim was guided to include in his/her life. During the whole lifetime of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H), Islam spread across and was accepted with dignity in the major parts of the world. This miracle happened due to the ways and paths that Allah had defined in that era about the extension in an agreeable manner.

Muslims are brought up with the concept of peace, unity and education. No other religion that is still present has ever emerged with these three foundations intact that have become the pillars of Islamic culture. Not a single innocent bloodshed occurred for the acceptability and preaching of Islam. Non-Muslims who were offered to educate the 10 Muslim peoples and afterwards they will be released when their task is ended.

At the time of Makah victory not even a single human was killed. Muslims were gathered under the single flag of Islam for the sake of the sole creator that is Allah Almighty. Muslims are the only community that has shown tremendous research in the field of science and the other entire education fields in a particular time period.

Allah had shown through Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) that it is only Allah that is running all the streams of life in the whole universe. Even Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had proved in front of non-Muslims the event of splitting moon from its center. It was indeed Allah’s power in the finger of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who was doing all the magic that appeared as reality.

Through Islam, Allah has provided Muslims a great way to lead their lives with full dignity and prostration in front of only Allah. Allah has shown the world that how much power is in the beliefs of Muslims and by accurately following the guidelines of Islamic customs and traditions Muslims can make the world a much better place.

Why Does Islam Forbid Magic And Sorcery?

Magic and sorcery have been seen by true Islams as advice by devils or demons and no one should indulge in any of this type of future-telling or advice. Allah and the Prophet Muhammad are the only ones who have true access to this knowledge and so they are the only ones who should be consulted on it. Allah has the answers to every problem and so should be the one to be consulted for any desire or trouble, not anyone else. However, this is not to say that magic shows are disallowed in Muslim countries, if they can prove they are only for entertainment and not for anything else.

magic islam 480x559 Why Does Islam Forbid Magic And Sorcery?

The Prophet Abu Hurairah warned people against seven things in the world, of which magic was one of them. Whatever people consult or whomever they visit to learn these things is considered a rejection of Allah in a very bad sense, and punishment will strike these misguided people. Even the lighter forms of future-telling such as reading the stars for a person or telling their life from their palms is also forbidden. Anyone who indulges themselves with magic by visiting a witch or a soothsayer is punished by Allah by having his or her prayers ignored for forty days.

Even those who believe in it but do not practice magic are considered sinners. Magic is thought to be concerned with powers given by Satan, even though many practitioners of magic try not to bring harm to others by thoughts, deeds or other means. There is always the way down into the forbidden arts, which are considered the blackest imaginable. Many acts of absolute atrocity are committed against men, women and children and animals in the guise of magic and the lunatics who strive to make it acceptable to the world.

Magic, simple or complex, is simply seen as haraam or forbidden. It is a temptation to Man to ask of others rather than Allah for answers, future-seeing and other things, including temptation into lust, eating wrongly, consuming alcohol, all of which are forbidden in the Muslim faith. Some practitioners of the dark arts desecrate graves, eat pork and drink blood, all very wrong occupations to a Muslim and attributed to Satan, as well they should be in any country.

To a Muslim, competence in magic can only be attributed to Satan, not Allah, and, as such, it is thought the person may obtain greater powers than Allah. To a true believer this cannot be, as the only Power is Allah, and He has not given permission for this to be so. Many things are attributed to witches, warlocks and others in a Muslim country, and they will be lucky to escape with their lives if they are uncovered. Allah’s punishment is not usually very pleasant for any practitioner of the so-called dark arts.

Will Islam Rule?

Will Islam Rule 480x768 Will Islam Rule?

The future is not always predictable and clear. Humans, as subjective beings, can only make assumptions about the future. So many scientists draw theories and the so-called social sciences of humanities and arts but there is no law determining the unknown outcomes with 100% authenticity. But this does not go the same for Islam. Islam, the religion of peace and love will remain for a long time till there comes a time when the believers of this religion stop believing in God.

Islam will rule in near future as per according to the predictions by the holy prophet Muhammad sallalaho alayhi wasalam and Quran. Things are fast moving towards that direction and it is nearing the time when Muslims will rule the world as professed by the last messenger. And for all those predictions and prophecies to come true there is strong need for the Muslim world to come united as one.

Kaaba at night 480x600 Will Islam Rule?

There are certain trends these days that demand our attention though. Islam is presently the fastest growing religion throughout the world particularly when compared with Europe and America. According to a recent survey of the USA’s population, more than 50% of its infants are of a minority and within this minority the number of Muslims stands out. A wave of Islam has swept across the continent of Europe. A massive number of people have converted to the religion and the trend goes on with accelerated speed. This trend is a cause of some concern for the governments and traditionalists of both America and Europe.

The reason for mentioning this trend lies in the overwhelmingly obvious strategic and economic importance of these nations and areas. Both Britain and France are veto powers in the UNSC and both have the status of being first world countries (a status that is conferred upon many), unlike so-many countries from where Islam originated.

koran11 Will Islam Rule?
It is important to point out here another reason that may prove to be the determining factor in the victory of a nation which is also present in the nation (Muslim Ummah) – a common belief system or a common cause. It might sound very emotional and non practical but history says otherwise. Throughout the history of nations, only those who had a cause and a belief to live and fight for had survived and ruled.

A cause which has sound social, political and legal basis, be it the allies in the Second World War or Alexander the great, the reason behind it all is what matters the most. Muslims of today have both belief and a belief in the cause. Only the right kind of opportunity and the perfect amount of intensity is missing. But it is only a matter of time before this is achieved. Keeping in view the Arab Spring, the possibility of a trigger doesn’t seem remote.

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