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Right of children in the eyes of Muhammad PBUH

May 20th, 2013
by Sufia

muslim children pray 600x567 Right of children in the eyes of Muhammad PBUH

Prophet Muhammad PBUH the last messenger of Allah Almighty was sent down on earth as a blessing for the entire universe. He presented to us the Glorious Quran which contains all the relevant information following which a great life can be spent on earth which can also earn benefits for the Muslims in the world which lies here after.

Islam is the religion which has been designed by Allah Almighty keeping in consideration all the aspects related with humanity and requirements of mankind.It was Holy Prophet PBUH who was allotted with the responsibility of introducing Islam to the mankind. He emerged as a bright light in the darkness of illiteracy which was prevailing in Arabia more than 1400 years ago. He showed the right path to mankind and made every effort to convey the teachings of Islam to the masses.

He was pure and full of love for everyone and especially for children there was a special place in his heart. Holy Prophet PBUH always stressed upon the fulfillment of the rights that have been allotted by Allah Almighty to children. He once said that

“Observe justice in treatment with your children in the same way in which you anticipate them to observe justice in being kind and good to you.”

Holy Prophet stressed on the point that it is the right of children that they should be provided with food, clothing and protection till they reach an age where they become capable of taking care of themselves. Parents should make arrangements for allotting their children with proper education and a good environment.

The rights to be fed, clothing and shelter are not only dictated for those children who have their parents living with them, but also orphans are allotted with the same rights. Islam being the religion which shows compatibility with human nature clearly defines human rights and all the due respect and importance has been allotted to the rights of children.

Holy Prophet PBUH through his teachings and acts made it very clear that children deserve to be loved and taken care of. He was always very humble and kind towards children he used to give his blessings to them and instructed his companions that

“I give my Salaam to children and deference them and Muslims should go along with my actions and always be warm and loving with children.”

Speaking about children Holy Prophet PBUH mentioned that

“O Muslims, O fathers and mothers, O my retinue, be kind and sympathetic towards children, for the one who is not kind to children has no place among the Muslims.”

There are many incidents related with the life of Holy Prophet PBUH where we see that how much kind and loving his attitude was towards children.

He told parents to raise their children in the best possible manner and special attention should be given to their rights. The examples which are left by our Holy Prophet PBUH clearly dictate that Islam gives a very high value to the rights of children and we need to pay attention to this matter.

Islam and child’s right to education

June 7th, 2011
by Sufia

“O ye who believe, guard your soul and that of your family from hell fire whose fuel shall be human beings and stones…” Q66:6.

Education is the process of teaching, training and learning. It can be formal or informal.

Education also means acquisition of skills and knowledge that make one independent of others for sustenance in the future. Education is an establishment because it is an eye-opener, brain sharper, heart developer and body strengthener. An ignorant person is a burden, a source of sorrow and a demoraliser.
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Parent-Child Relationship in Islam

June 7th, 2011
by Sufia

By (Dr.) I. A. Arshed

(1) Rights of Parents (and Duties of children)
Islam recognises family as a basic social unit. Along with the husband-wife relationship the Parent-child relationship is the most important one. To maintain any social relationship both parties must have some clear-cut Rights as well as obligations. The relationships are reciprocal. Duties of one side are the Rights of the other side. So in Parent-child relationship the Rights of parents are the obligations (duties) of the children and vice versa, the Rights of children are obligations (duties) of parents. Islam clearly defines the Rights of Parents (which mean duties of children) and obligations of parents (which means Rights of children).
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