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Get to know Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina

December 6th, 2011
by Sufia

Bosnia Muslim Praying 480x390 Get to know Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Intolerance in Bosnia and Herzegovina towards Islam and Muslims is increasing. Islamophobia, discrimination and intolerance against Muslims and Islamic values is a reality and serious problem of society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is supported by statements of government and political representatives that are manifesting discrimination, abuse and the spread of prejudice, then the personal and collective dimensions of religious freedom in the media sectors of employment and education, discrimination and intolerance in the artwork, and hate crimes through the attacks on Muslims, employees and assets of the Islamic community.

The spread of prejudice, intolerance, frighten, insult, ridicule religious ceremonies and feelings, then the assault on the mosque and the cemetery, the attempts of discrimination in education, discrimination in hiring, placement in an inappropriate context of Islamic terminology, symbols, and the imam profession are the effects that are threatening and violation of the human rights, of Muslims and significantly affects their personal and social life of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Creating a climate of intolerance and prejudice contributing irresponsible statements by some political representatives and government officials. Failures and weaknesses in the work of state organs are particularly significant source of creating a climate of intolerance, the spread of prejudice, fear and suspicion of Muslims. Some media have become an important channel of public placement of offensive content and intolerant character. Prejudice and intolerance in the field of job search and employment leaves serious consequences for the human personality and dignity.Especially affected were the Muslims who wear the headscarf. Providing of religious education in public institutions on several occasions was the subject of considerable debate where used inappropriate and offensive language, and then sent requests for expulsion of religion from public schools, then was brought to the religious teaching incorrelation with fascism, which is followed by intense negative media campaign. In recent years, we see an increasingly use of the content and expression in order to spread the direct or indirect intolerance or insults the values of Islamic authority. Especially, it is expressed through the publication of insulting cartoons, photomontages, through music, and poetic content …

Life of Muslims may be hard and far more difficult as compared to other regions of the Earth in Bosnia and Herzegnova. However, it may seem to be some sort of miracle or the power of their belief in Allah that is helping them to cling on to their religion in a very steadfast fashion. Islam, the religion of peace is growing, adopted and accepted by those individuals whose inner is illuminated and strong.

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