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What prayer of sick person in Islam?

June 3rd, 2013
by Sufia

dua for sick 600x396 What prayer of sick person in Islam?

Human body is actually a combination of systems which work in a coordinated manner to keep you in a healthy and active state. There are natural defense mechanisms included in human body by Allah Almighty which work by killing the harmful and unwanted pathogens. But humans are prone to get ill and suffer from many different diseases throughout their lives. Continue Reading →

How to Extract Gems from the Quran

March 11th, 2013
by Sufia

Many of us are very much popular with the Gems extraction from the Quran. This grateful thing can be made possible by only the people who have lot of experience on the Quran and tafsir session. These tafsirs are very much powerful and strong and in some ways are unrivaled. And for this Gems extraction from the holy Quran you need to do a great research and analysis on this holy book. Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Tawba in Islam

March 11th, 2013
by Sufia

dua sm 600x455 The Meaning of Tawba in Islam

Literally tawba means ‘to return’ or ‘to retreat’. In Muslim law, it suggests that to show or to retreat from past sinful and evil actions. The word tawba has been related to the word نصوح (nasūh) which suggests ‘to ameliorate or sincere’. Therefore tawba signifies sincere and trustworthy compunction, free from pretense and hypocrisy. Continue Reading →

Islam and West, Two Poles Apart

March 8th, 2013
by Sufia

There are mixed views of how Westerners tend to think of Islamic societies and how the Islamic societies perceive the Westerners as. In comparison to their own society, the Westerners think that the Islamic societies are backward-looking, oppressed by religion and inhumanely governed. This is because the Westerners practice enlightened secular democracies. Islam is not just a religion, nor is it some fundamentalist political movement. Continue Reading →

Jayne Kemp Left Catholic Roots Behind After ‘Falling In Love’ With Islam

January 31st, 2013
by Sufia

jayne kemp Jayne Kemp Left Catholic Roots Behind After ‘Falling In Love’ With Islam

London: Around 13 Brits convert to Islam daily and more than half of those are white and 75 per cent are women.

It is not easy for anyone to change his/her religion and adopt the lifestyle so dramatically but a Police Community Support Officer Jayne Kemp, 28, did this and set an example for others.

Jayne Kemp who left her Catholic roots behind after “falling in love” with Islam while helping victims of so-called honour violence and now plans to change her name to Aminah. Continue Reading →

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