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The Corporate Monasticism : The New Monks of our Age. by Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala

May 17th, 2012
by Sufia

facebook 1024x819 The Corporate Monasticism : The New Monks of our Age. by Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala

A desperate father complained to me about his son’s extra curiculler activities.  He said: “My son prays five times and has no bad habits that can worry me. But he returns home late and does not get involved in domestic responsiblities. He is in college but rarely studies . At home he is occupied on internet chatting with unknown friends…Then the father exclaimed : He is a monk of a different type. A corporate monk.”

This type of complain may be burning in the hearts of many fathers and wives of today. Grown up men remain obsessed with the internet , news papers, watching serials and sports. They are away from the family affairs. They don’t find even talking to the family as interesting as the world affairs they chase.

A Muslim is suppose to be actively participating in multiple things. He is a father, a husband  and a son at home. He is helping his neighbour. He visits relatives instead of just messaging them, “May Allah give you a quick recovery”. He is with his children in their school. He is with his mother talking to her. Inspite of this, he finds time for dawah, deen and duniya. You will find him in  the front rows in masjid and also a very good businessman. He earns money and also he spends money. He gets up for tahajjud and also goes along with his family for an outing.

A corporate monk will not stay in a monestary far away from the society, but he is there right in the middle of the busy city. He goes home and stays there but like a paying guest who just givs the rent of his staying and remains away from the houshold activities. He is a piece of furniture at home, not responding to any need or call of domestic help. The ancient monks kept away from wealth, but the corporate monks chase careers and wealth. He is spending most of his time in either travelling or gossiping with friends or entertainment. Reports say that an average person staying in a metro city, spends only a half hour with his family. Some dont even get time to talk to their family. When they leave their homes, their kids are sleeping. When they return their kids have gone to sleep.

When Islam permits a man to marry four women it means it also expects this man to run four families. It also expects this man to give time and attention towards all the four families.  It means that a man lives in soceity and finds time for society. Being busy does not always means  ” I dont have time ” but it can also mean ” I will not give priority to this person, or work or responsiblity…..

When Islam does not allow monastisism, it also encourages its followers to be active in social life. Recall the famous Hadith: “The best among you are the one who are best to their families.”

Author : Nisaar Nadiadwala can be reached at [email protected]

We Repent Temporarily, but Allah Always Forgives

May 17th, 2012
by Sufia

When you have come across with the phrase, we repent temporarily an Allah always forgives you would probably think of Allah and his great mysterious and amazing things. Today everyone has felt bad for the sins that they have done and when they want to repent for their sins all things would be finished. This would probably make them lose hope and start to live their life in its way.

Repent yourself

When you have decided to repent yourself for the sins that you have done, you would probably come to know that how you were insincere and also halfhearted in life. This is because if you are the person who has repented for your sins, you should have to do that immediately after your mistake. When you have failed to do this, it would make you get with big problems in your future.

Allah always forgives

Even though you have repented for your sins after a long time or as the temporary one, Allah always forgives you for sins. This is because Allah always says that he would probably consider you as his son and would help you in all the critical situations. Apart from that if you think to go for repent, Allah would consider that as the best one to forgive you in all means.

When you have promised to Allah as that you wouldn’t do the sins again and if you do that again and again, at that time also Allah would forgive you without making you get into trouble. From these things you would probably know that the mercy of Allah is vast one. Even though you have done with the sins continuously every day, Allah wants you to repent for the sin that you have done.

Faith on Allah

There are some people who have faith in Allah for one day, when they want to go for repent and not on the next day. Allah would also forgive those kinds of people too. If you have full faith in Allah you would probably get with all the things that you need in your life. When you have got problems in your life because of the bad deeds that you have done, in that situation also Allah would forgive you and provide you with the best guidance for the next step in your life.

Allah always provide people with the best life who wants to follow his religion in a reliable way and also still who wants to serve for the religion according to their capacity. Since he provides us with the best loving heart that would devote for him, it would be better to show all your sincerity to him in the form of faith.

If you want to get with more information on these things, you can go through the books related to Islam. Apart from that you can also get with the online websites to know about the beneficial things and also about Allah’s mercy on his people.

Allah says: “Except those who repent and believe and work righteous deeds, for them Allah will change their evil deeds to good deeds, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Sûrah al-Furqân: 70]

The Sunnah of Love

sunnah of love The Sunnah of Love

When you have considered about the marriage life of most of the couples, you would probably get that most would get with the marital problems. This is because of the misunderstanding between the couples and also because of people have forgotten about the sunnah of love. This would probably make people to end up with inhospitable relationships.

Root of life

If you have gone through the life between man and his wife, this would probably become as the best and longstanding one because of their love. This love has been considered as root for most of the people and also for people who want to make their life as blessed one.

When you have considered about imams, normally they are untrained to counsel over the couples. This is because basically most of the Islamic people would be aware of Allah’s sunnah of love and hence they don’t have interest to go through the counseling methods that would be helpful for uniting the divided couples. Allah would advise about the true submission of love between man and his wife that too as the comfort one.

Sunnah of love

When you have come across the word sunnah of love, it has become as necessary for you to know about the truth behind it in order to live your life as the best one. Usually the sunnah of love is not an unusual feeling of people or outrageous feeling too. It has been defined as the thing that is common to all and also as the best in literal and theoretical sages.

It is not the thing that can be got by threatening or through other ways. It is the one that most people get in the form of divine love because of their comfort and mutual acceptance.

Expressing your love

The sunnah of love would provide every individual with the following things, in order to make out their life as the lovely one and those are as follows:

  • Every person should express love to loved ones by all means. This would probably increase the comfort and love between them
  • It would be better to avoid unnecessary arguments and also have to be mutual in all the things
  • It is also necessary to make their love to be happy always

All these things would make the people to live their life in the right way by understanding the sunnah of love.

If you want to get with more knowledge on the sunnah of love and also about Allah’s views towards marital life, it would be better for you to go through the resources that are available to provide you with all these information. If you are not able to find out the information through books and other things, it would be better for you to go through the online websites that would offer you with enough information regarding all the things. Since there are many websites available, you should have to go through the professional website to get the things in an efficient and reliable way.

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