Modern Muslim Woman The modern Islamic Woman

Today the modern and fashionable things of the world have made changes with almost all the people. It has also made Islamic women as modern. When you have considered about modern Islamic women, there are many changes have come up with their way of clothing and also in their lifestyle too.

Wardrobe of modern Islamic woman

When the Islamic women have preferred to change their lifestyle according to the modern world, wardrobe is one of important things that they want to have as modernized one. Since Islamic woman would have to follow some rules in wearing their wardrobes, it has become as necessary for them to go with stylish look in those wardrobes.

The different wardrobes to which Islamic women have to pay attention are as follows:

  • Hijab
    When you have considered wardrobe of most Islamic women the main thing that would come in to mind would be Hijab. It could probably be used by Islamic women, in order to show their devotion and dedication to Allah. Even though this has been used to cover the face, Islamic women want to have them as designed and unique one. You can get this with varieties of colors and designs from and also you can use it with scarves and shirts to get with unique look
  • Long sleeved shirts
    Islamic women can also get with the long sleeved shirts with the best appearance. You can also wear this under tunics and cardigans, these shirts would be the primary wardrobe options of modern Islamic women
  • Long cardigans
    If anyone who wants to wear stylish wardrobe long cardigans would be the best option. This would be more helpful for Islamic women to get with the vibrant summer feel and they can also use these at the winter time over their sweaters to feel warmth

Because of these reasons today there are many fashion industries have started to design the fashionable wardrobes for Islamic women to provide them with modern look.

Selecting the modern wardrobes

When you have decided to wear modern Islamic wardrobes, it has become as necessary for you to select with the best one that would be suitable for you. If you consider about Hijabs you should have to select with the one that would be suitable for your face. This is because then only you can feel comfortable when you are going outside and even to your school or college.

If you have decided to purchase the wardrobes of modern Islamic women that are available, it would be better for you to go through the shops that are available. You can get with your choice of designer wardrobes from these shops. If you are not able to find out the best shop that would offer you with the modern Islamic wardrobe for women, it would be better to go through the online shops that are available.

Compare to traditional shops through online shops, you are able to get with varieties of wardrobes for modern Islamic women that too throughout the world. You can also get them at affordable price.

Jesus Son of Mary Who Was Jesus, Son of Mary?

The Quran clearly declared that Jesus (peace be upon him) as Son of Maryam several times. All the Muslims have the faith that Jesus (peace be upon him) was incredibly born with out any father by the Virgin Mary. Maryam in Arabic, the mother of Jesus is having a dignified status over the rest of women in the world and the greatest woman forever live.

Mary is having a dignified status over rest of the women in the world that how she happens to be pregnant with Jesus, with respect to Jesus, son of Mary, peace be upon him.

In chapter 19th of the Quran (that is called Maryam) the Mary receives an angle from God:

She separated from the family to a deserted place. She made a curtain from them and than then we (Allah) sent an angel to her (Gabriel or Jibrael), and he become visible before her in an appearance of a man like any human form. And the angle said that your Lord has chosen you for a righteous son gift. The Marry asked the angle that how I can conceive a son without a man, no man touched neither me, nor I am unchaste. The angle said it is very simple for our Lord and has already chosen you.

And The Miracle happens, Mary has becomes pregnant.  Mary went out of the town to a deserted place in Bethlehem valley. It was 4 or 6 miles away from Jerusalem. She went with the fear that what will happen to her after the birth of the child. A voice came to console her, comforting and soothing her, and also guiding her. When Mary gave birth to a child, the voice guided her not to explain or speak anything and make a promise of silence, everything will workout.

After the birth Mary brings her child back to the village and meets elders and the Jews.  They told her that she did a disgraceful crime.  But Mary follows the instructions of her God (Lord). She was calm, quite and points to the baby.

The Muslims have total believe that the Jesus is like other human beings. He was born from a virgin mother, without the father and Allah created him like other human from dust. The Muslims also have faith that he is a Messenger of Allah; who does not lie and he is not himself is worshiped.

The Muslims also have faith that no Prophet has come between Jesus and Muhammad (PBUH).  Allah has clearly declared his innocence in Quran.

As for as the Jesus killing and crucifixion, Muslims believe that as Quran says that they have not killed Jesus nor they crucified him but  Allah made  to resemble to him and Allah raised him to them. The Quran declared that Allah created you and you will be returned to him and Allah will make him return again.

Muslim Guide to Facebook A Muslim’s Guide to Facebook Arguments (and online ridiculousness in general)

Today in this fast moving technological world, there are many changes happened in almost everyone’s life and these changes are in Muslim’s too. When you have considered about the life of ancient Muslim people, they don’t even know about the advanced things that have been invented in this world. Since most of the inventions have made people to entertain their life they didn’t have interest in those things. This is because music had been considered as the thing against Ummah.

Muslim’s life today

Compare to the ancient Muslim people who lived their life by searching through books and other resources to know more things about Allah, today people have started to surf around the internet to know about the things related to Islam. Through internet forums and social networking websites people have started to discuss about the things that happened in Muslim’s life and still they want to find out somewhat ridiculous things with modern inventions.

When you have considered about the things that have been discussed through forums it would be off shame. This is because it is not the right thing to describe about the things that are related to any religion and also to give comments over that. Even though there are many technological have been made over the internet it is not the sufficient platform to discuss about all these things and also you have to be very careful while using out the social networking websites.

Using Facebook

Most of the people today have preferred to spend their time in social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and other websites, in order to increase the number of friends and also to share the things that they want to discuss with. When you have gone through Facebook to make friends there are many things that you need to consider before getting with that and those are as follows:

  • It would be better to avoid discussing the things that are related foods and other things. This would probably make you to end up with funny as well as comments that would hurt you
  • You should also have to be aware of the arguments that would badly describe the beliefs of particular religion

Because of all these reasons it would be better to go through the Facebook arguments very carefully.

When you have described about any particular religion that would probably make the people of that religion to think on ridiculous things that are related to it and hence there may be some contradictions too. Today there are many websites available for providing people with the best guidelines to come up with the Facebook arguments in a better way. You can go through that websites to know about the things that are related to Facebook arguments, in order to realize about your foolishness and also wasting your time with unnecessary Facebook arguments that would describe the particular religion.

There are also some websites especially available for providing more information on Facebook arguments related to Islam. You can also go with those websites to get clear about Facebook arguments.

Aisha and Khadijah Maybe Allah wants you to become like Aisha and Khadijah

Apart from Ameenah, the Prophet’s (SAW) mother, the two other most influential women in his life are Khadijah bint Khuwaylid and Aishah bint Abu Bakr. The two of them played two very distinct, but equally important roles in the life of Muhammad and in the history of Islam. Khadijah was the very first wife of the Prophet (SAW) and the very first woman to become a Muslim. She was a solid supporter of the Prophet and Islam during the very early days, using her wealth and moral support to the advantage of Islam. The Prophet extolled her virtues even in the presence of his other wives after she was long gone.

Khadijah was a very good example of the true meaning of jihad. She spent her time, money and emotions to ensure that Islam got firmly rooted during its early beginnings. Even though she was older than the prophet was in age, she respected him, supported him and comforted him. Though, Allah would not have allowed the Prophet to fail, but Khadijah was a viable instrument to that success.

After the death of Khadijah, Muhammad (SAW) got married to Aisha based on recommendation from a number of companions, including willingness by Abu Bakr to marry his daughter to the Prophet. Aisha was married to the Prophet for about a decade before his death. During this period, she gained a lot of Islamic knowledge from the Prophet and was aware of the time some revelations came to him. After the Prophet’s death, she transmitted most of this knowledge stating some of the acceptable practices during times of disputes among the believers. Some scholars refer to her as the “Fountain of knowledge”, while other state that she is the “Mother of the Believers”.

Aisha was actively involved in the affairs and politics of Islam during the first three caliph reigns after the death of the prophet. Thus, she became more influential and contributed to the propagation of Islam. At some point during these years, she made some public speeches and even participated in battles. Definitely, she remained a shining light for the women of Islam even during the absence of the Prophet.

Now, let us track back to the main theme this article seeks to elaborate what Allah wants the women to be. Both of these two women have played prominent roles in Islam, Almighty Allah may wish you to act as Aisha and Khadijah in your current society today. The most important thing for you is to understand your role and use it to advance Islam. To be an Aisha, you will need to be purposeful, gain relevant knowledge, be outspoken and speak the truth at all times based on the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith. To be Khadijah you will have to be devoted, sacrificing and full of love. All these qualities will make you a true Muslima and Momina seeking pleasure of Allah.

Allah’s plan for You and Me Allah’s plan for You and Me

Have you ever thought about the fact that Almighty Allah  has a plan for you and every one alive even before conception by your parents? As a Muslim, you should know that this is definitely true whether you have thought about it or not. There is this basic teaching of Islam that states that when you do not achieve success in certain things you have worked hard for, you have to believe that Allah knows in his Omnipotence that is not the best thing for you at this time.

He has either delayed it to a better time or prepared something greater for you. This is very similar to the common saying that states “Man Proposes, God Disposes”. We will stretch this article further with examples and verses from the Quran and Hadith for better explanations

Allah’s Plan and Al-Qadar

Sit back and reflect on the fact that Almighty Allah  created the Earth, The Heavens, all that is in between them and beyond them. Therefore, he has a plan for all of his creatures and to live a fulfilled life, you have to understand how to tap into Allah’s Plan for you. As Muslims, we should believe that Allah has the best plan for us and this plan is flexible, glorious and in a way tied to Al-Qadar or individual destinies. According to Suratul Hajj, verse 70; “Know you not that Allah knows all that is in the heaven and on the earth? Verily, it is (all) in the Book (Al‑Lawh Al‑Mahfooz). Verily, that is easy for Allah”.

This means that the master planner, Allah  has decreed everything that will happen. In the Hadith also, Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Al-Aas (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that “I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) say: Allah wrote down the decrees of creation fifty thousand years before He created the heavens and the earth.”

Therefore, we must understand that Allah has a good plan for us in this life and the hereafter. To key into that plan which is definitely the best for us, we should abide by the teachings of Islam and place Almighty Allah first in all of our worldly endeavours. While in search of a job, a wife or before embarking on any money making venture, we should pray to Allah in order to achieve success and be guided aright.

It must also be noted that Allah’s plan does not prevent us from exercising our free will as humans, especially as there are two types of Qadar, one which is fixed and the other flexible. To live a happy life, we should obey Allah’s commandments, pray hard, and work hard in legal ways in order to live a comfortable life. If we do this, with Allah’s help, we will definitely key into his plan for us and be among the successful ones both in this life and in the hereafter.

Ma Salam.

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