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A Muslim’s Guide to Student Loans in the U.S

May 10th, 2012
by Sufia
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Are you looking for a Muslim’s guide to student loans in the U.S? There are many charitable organizations in U.S who have been providing interest free student loans for undergraduate as well as graduate students over several years.

You may also look for scholarships for Muslims students if there is any in your selected school or college. These scholarships come in different sizes based on your field of study, ethnicity, financial need, extracurricular involvement, academic merit and so on. But these scholarships will require your effort in terms of essays as well as applications. But you won’t be afraid to give such effort if you really want to avoid interest on loans and completing your study with no worries. The most important thing about scholarship is that you will never be asked to pay it back.

Now, how to find these scholarships? First of all, you will have to make a good research on Muslims organizations in the USA who provide student loans for Muslim students based on different fields of studies. Besides this, you will find many websites as well as books online which you can look up.

You may also request your relatives or parents for asking their employers about scholarships if they offer any because there are many organizations in the USA who are used to giving student loans based on merit as well as field of study. You may also look at local organizations such as the rotary club for scholarship or interest free student loan whatever they offer. There are also many organizations that help students by giving scholarship or financial aid in return for volunteer work. You may also look at those organizations.

However, it is not so easy to get a scholarship.  Careful planning is the most important thing in proving your financial need as well as getting scholarship at the University or college. Before applying for a financial aid you should make an estimate on how much money, do you need to complete your course? You can get an idea about the total tuition fees by looking at the application information as well as the catalogs provided by your selected university or college.

However, about tuition fees you should always remember that the tuition fees of private universities is not same as the public universities. Though the private universities are more expensive than the public universities, but sometimes you will not get any scholarship in the state (public) university as they don’t offer scholarship where in some private universities you may have scholarship as those institutes offer scholarships based on financial need as well as merit.  However, read the terms and conditions carefully before applying for a student loan and get your desired financial help successfully.

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