Rights of wives and husbands in Islam

By Sufia

Islam has given equal rights to men and women. They are exactly the same with exception of a very few. Allah Subhana Wa Taallah has given men more power than women; this is because men are supposed to protect their women. In Islam a woman is not supposed to contact any male except for those in blood relations, but if a situation occurs then she should lower her gaze and then talk to the Na-Mahram. Same goes for men.

husband wife islam Rights of wives and husbands in Islam

Women are supposed to keep themselves covered except for their face, hands and feet. The relationship of a man and women in Islam is very beautiful. It’s all about men protecting their wives and wives giving their endless love and respect to their husbands. The home of a wife and husband is very noble, Allah Subhana Wa Taallah commanded both spouses to take care of each other and their trust. If a wife or husband doesn’t like a person then they should not be allowed to enter the house. The husband’s rights of a wife are that they should be treated with kindness, they should be fed well, and
they should be kept in good manner and should be talked with gentle politeness.

The husband should provide her with good clothes and keep her safe. If a person wants to visit a marital home then the wife should ask her husband for permission, if the husband declines then the person should not be invited in. But if the husband remains silent on the matter, then the wife should think of it herself.

A husband has no right to stop her wife from visiting her parent’s place once a week.

If a wife does something out of ignorance then the husband should forgive her if the wife asks for forgiveness. If a wife is involved in adultery then the husband can divorce her only after he confirms the situation. If a wife doesn’t wish to have sexual intercourse then the husband should not force her, intercourse is only acceptable when both spouses are equally willing to fulfill their desires. A wife has the complete right of being clean, applying scent and wearing good clothes for her husband’s eyes only.

For a successful marriage, both spouses should respect each other; they should have mutual understandings and should be confident with their trust. They should not cheat and respect each other’s needs. Husband and wife should trust on each other because it is important for a strong relationship.

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