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What Does Islam Say About Extra Marital Affairs?

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 What Does Islam Say About Extra Marital Affairs?Islam is a religion of peace and harmony not only that Islam teaches us the lesson of being truthful and clears in all the matters of our life. If parents remain true to each other kids will automatically learn this lesson and will not lie or deceive their parents, siblings or friends. This is what Islam asks for us to be in every relationship. Islam teaches us to be true by all means this is the key to have peace and harmony and most importantly trust and respect in all of relationships.

Husband, wife relation is the most sensitive yet beautiful relationship one can have on this earth. Loving and being loved is one of the most beautiful desires a human being has. One can have a smooth can calm married life if he/she follows all the teachings of Islam and fulfills all the obligations on him/her. Respect is also another important pillar in making your marital life a lot more peaceful and harmonized. More you respect your partner more you will be respected in return. Trust is another main thing in making or breaking a relation. In married life if husband does not trust his wife or wife does not respect her husband it can eventually result in a disaster.

When any of these is missing in relationship things start getting bad leading to worst situation. Same is the case in married life there are many factors that can ruin your married life. Some of the illegal actions committed by any of them weather husband or wife it can result in separation or ultimately divorce.

One of the biggest things leading to end of marriage is to deceive your partner. This is done in a variety of ways. A woman or a man who loves her/his partner to the bottom of his/her heart when finds him or her partner cheating on her or him for anyone else results in hatred, arguments and many times to divorce. Islam does not favor any kind of extramarital affairs leading to adultery. There are clear instructions by

ALLAH in Quran the Holy book of Muslims also his messenger Holy Prophet S.A.W also forbade Muslim men and women of committing adultery or having interest in other men or women other than their husbands or wives.

Some of the laws and regulations mentioned in Quran are as follows:

  • The unrestricted mingling of the sexes, which ultimately leads to adultery, must be prevented.
  • Men and women are not to converse freely except in the presence of another person.
  • Unless they have become mates through the institution of marriage, men and women are not to gaze at each other with lewd passion.
  • They are not to speak, or flirt, in a manner that evokes lust.

At first Islam provides an open permission for the fulfillment of all the desires through the recourse of legal procedure.  Despite of all this, those who do not follow Islamic lessons not only destroy the fabric of Islamic society and also the family. Islam prescribes severe punishments to those who do not adhere to the Islamic rules and regulation.

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