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Students’ failure in exams – Tips for passing an Exam


Failing an exam is one of the worst nightmares anyone could have. According to research and studies, the number of failing students is getting higher and higher every day. There was a time when there used to be a competition among students of one class all wanting to acquire higher marks than one another and passing out with good grades. Mainly gone are those days; these days students only study the important contexts of the syllabuses to pass an exam and some are born geniuses.

Muslim student prayer t460 Students’ failure in exams Tips for passing an Exam

The reasons why the majority of students are failing exams are stress, depression, pressure from parents or guardians, competition and comparison. These days’ parents and teachers put a lot of pressure on a student’s mind, which in the end makes them stressful and prone to nervousness. They fail the exams even when they know the answer. With the new technology coming up everyday many students have moved away from studies and are wasting their precious time with these gadgets. There are some students who don’t study year round but only when the last couple of months are left for the annual exams.

This article will highlight tips for passing exams and acquiring good grades. The first tip is to begin with the name of Allah Subhana Wa Tallah. Recite Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. It will not only bless you and your work but provide help to be focused. Being attentive from the very first day of the year would help a lot. A student should concentrate harder on lectures from the beginning. Note each and everything dictated by the teacher and copy the things written on the board as they are exactly. After going home from school, college or institution the student should revise what was explained in the day’s lecture and then make notes neatly in a notebook. If the student keeps up with this pace for the first day then they will do very well in exams. For revision, these notes will help a lot.

The second tip is highlighting every important thing from the textbook and then solving the answers at the end. This will help student in comprehending the text and then giving the explanation later on. The third tip is to solve past papers and questions every day.

The fourth tip for the students is to maintain a daily diary.

This diary can mark the timings for specific things and activities; it will keep the routine running and will not keep the student in stress. It will also help in examinations. The students should work hard to achieve the targets in their life. The passing of exams is not sufficient to progress in life instead; students should participate in all positive activities.

Last but not the least; recite Rab e Zidni ilmaa lot of times throughout the day. This is a combination of very powerful words and helps in getting success, increases memory and enhances learning abilities.

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