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Making Dua To Allah Is Not An Option, But A Necessity


What is Dua?

Dua is way through which a person asks for help or thanks Allah. Man is a slave and he is dependent on Allah, he is helpless without Allah.

making dua sm 600x535 Making Dua To Allah Is Not An Option, But A Necessity

And Dua is how a person shows his dependence and helplessness to Allah.The purpose of every act of worship is that a person recognizes his God. He recognizes Allah, his creator. And one should always act according to the will of his creator, and he should not do whatever he pleases. He is a servant of Allah and he should accept his weakness and ask for help from Allah. This can be done through making dua.

The Acceptance Of Dua

Today most people don’t make dua and even when they do they do it half-heartedly. They are not convinced that their dua will be answered. This is entirely wrong, we should always remember that Allah always answers the prayers of His people. But it is important to note that the demands are not always directly fulfilled, the effects of duas can be varied. The first effect is that the demand is fulfilled directly, and if the demands are not directly met then two things can happen. A problem that was coming your way may have been avoided, or the reward of the dua will be given to you in the hereafter.

Making Dua Is A Necessity

Most of us make dua only while we face any difficulty or we need something, but this is wrong. We should remember Allah in times of need as well as in times of happiness, and we ought to never stop making dua. Making dua to Allah gets us His attention and it is also a form of worship like Prayers and we cannot ignore it. And Allah gets displeased when his believers don’t make dua to Him. In the Quran in Surah al-Furqaan (interpretation) Allah asks Muhammad (SAW) to say to the believers that My Allah only pays attention to those who pray to Him but not on careless people.

And if you have denied Him you will get the inseparable punishment for the rest of the life and also after death. The Prophet (PBUH) once said that Dua is also a worship of Allah. On another occasion the Prophet (PBUH) said that a person if not ask or pray to Allah, He becomes angry with that person. Allah listens to the prayers made to him by his believers and in Surah Baqarah it is stated that (interpretation) when people who are my servant ask about the concern I am so close to them, I hear the prayers of every caller when he calls me and with my own will I make them believe upon me so they can walk through the right path.

So we should develop a relationship with Allah through making dua, we should ask for forgiveness and we should thank Him for the blessings He has bestowed upon us. The Prophet (PBUH) on one occasion informed the Muslims about the power of dua.

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