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Problem of American Muslims

May 12th, 2013
by Sufia

american muslims 600x337 Problem of American Muslims
Muslims is a term which is normally used to refer towards humans who are the followers of Religion Islam which conveys the concept of a supreme authority possessed by Allah Almighty who controls everything and that Holy Prophet PBUH is the last messenger of Allah Almighty.

Islam is regarded as the fastest growing religion of the world. There is a vast majority of Muslims living in different parts of the globe. Most live in countries which have adopted Islam as a state religion while many also live in non-Muslim countries either as converts or immigrants.

Just like other parts of the globe a good number of Muslims also reside in United States of America in its different parts. Michigan is the state which contains the largest number of Muslims it is followed by New Jersey and at the third spot comes Massachusetts.  The cities of United States which present prominent numbers of Muslims residing in them are New York (it has the largest number of Muslims living inside it), Dearborn and Los Angeles. The surveys and estimations carried out show that there were a total of 2106 mosques present in United States in the year 2011.

The above mentioned demographics clearly show that a good number of Muslims are living their lives in America. This also points towards the fact that they are involved in various departments of the states are contributing as well. But the main question is that why being in such large numbers the American Muslims are still struggling for their rights and freedom of expression. To take this point in consideration you can have a look at the recent events which took place in response to the release of the trailer of “Innocence of Muslims”.

Muslims were offended very much by this YouTube video and all around the world we witnessed huge protests some of which even took the lives of many. But the surprising thing is that American Muslims were silent over the matter and we saw no bright retaliation from them.

This shows that how much scared American Muslims are that they fail to sum up enough courage to protest against a video which was a direct attack on the personality and concepts of their Holy Prophet PBUH and was a negative portrayal of their religion. This is not my personal assumption in fact it is something that has also been estimated by the experts.

Jonathan Brown who is the assistant professor at the Georgetown University also thinks the same. In his opinion the dreadful incident which took place on 9/11 and the incidents which took place with Muslims after that are responsible for all this. American Muslims always are under the pressure that if they will show solidarity with Muslims living in other parts of the world then they will appear suspicious to the government and will have to face drastic consequences.

It is the need of the hour that proper consideration should be given to the dying voice of American Muslims and measures should be taken to bring back their long lost confidence.

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