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Role of hazrat Jibrail A.S in Shab-e-Meraj

June 6th, 2013
by Sufia

ya muhammad saww 600x458 Role of hazrat Jibrail A.S in Shab e Meraj

It has been mentioned in the Holly Quran that

“Who is an enemy to Jebrail! For he it is who hath disclosed (this scripture) to thy heart by God’s leave, confirming that which was (disclosed) before it, and a direction and glad tidings to believers.”

The archangel Jebrail is one of the most reputed and respected angles which have been created by Allah Almighty. He is the angle who was allotted with the privilege of disclosing Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). The main duties which were assigned by Allah almighty to Jebrail were concerned with conveying the messages of Allah almighty to the prophets. He played a prominent role in many of the historic Islamic events especially at the occasion of Meraj which is also known as the night of Ascension Jebrail was the companion of Holy Prophet PBUH.

The night when Meraj took place Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W was present in the house of Umm-e-Hani when he heard a voice which said that

“This night you have to perform a very unique tour and I have been ordered to stay with you. You will have to pass through different parts of the world riding an animal named al-Buraq.”

This was the voice of Jebrail the archangel who was assigned the duty of taking Holy Prophet PBUH on a historic journey by Allah Almighty. Our Beloved Prophet started this remarkable tour with the assistance and guidance of archangel Jebrail who played the role of his guide, companion and a trusted assistance during the whole tour. They first stopped at Taibah and Jebrail instructed our Prophet PBUH to offer prayer there and told him that this is the place towards which Muslims will travel.

Next they stopped at the Mountain of Sinai and again our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH was instructed to offer prayer there. The journey continued and after sometime Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH was again instructed by the archangel to dismount from al- Buraq this time it was Bait al-Laham the place of birth of Prophet ISA PBUH. The Archangel Jebrail told Prophet Muhammad to offer prayer there as well and also Jebrail introduced the location to him.

The journey continued and the next stop was Baitul Maqdis there Holy Prophet PBUH was introduced with earlier prophets which include Ibrahim, Isa and Musa along with other messengers of Allah Almighty. Holy Prophet also led the prayer at Baitul Maqdis following the instructions of Jebrail.

Next they travelled to the heavens Holy Prophet PBUH was shown the systems of stars and the torture center. Also he met previous messengers of Allah Almighty and several secrets were revealed to him.

Jebrail was there with Holy Prophet all the time for guidance until Sidrat ul Muntaha was reached (it is the point further to which to no one can ascend). Archangel Jebrail told Prophet Muhammad PBUH that he can’t accompany him further. From there Holy Prophet travelled alone to witnessed some grand miracles of Allah almighty. Finally he came back by the same way through which he had undergone the journey at the first place.

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