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Problem of women in Islamic society

May 31st, 2013
by uLhaq
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Problem of women in Islamic society 600x411 Problem of women in Islamic society
Islam is the only religion which possesses unique boldness that shows compatibility with human nature. Allah Almighty has designed every teaching of Islam keeping in consideration the characters which humans have.
Allah almighty has provided a perfect code of life in his last book that is Holy Quran. All the matters which are related with the human life have been explained in Quran and also we see their practical examples in the acts which were conducted by Holy Prophet PBUH. Islam conveys the concept which gives a great importance to human rights especially a lot of stressed has been laid upon the rights of women.

Holy Prophet PBUH said that
“It is only the kind in character who is nice to women, and only the evil one who offends them.”

At another occasion he stated that
“I order you to be generous to women.”

Allah Almighty has mentioned in Quran that men and women are supporters of each other and companions who have to do good things together and avoid sins. Women have been allotted with great respect and privileges by Islam especially when a lady becomes a mother she touches the heights of admiration. It can be estimated by the below mentioned incident.

A man came to Prophet Muhammad PBUH and asked
  “Who among mankind is deserves my generosity and love?” The Prophet answered, “Your mother.” He said “Who next?” “Your mother” again he asked “Who next?” he got the reply “Your mother.” Only after the third time he said, “And your father.”
This exhibits the privileges which have been allotted by Islam to women. But the sad fact is that presently Muslim women are not able to enjoy and exercise the rights that have been allotted to them not only in non-Muslim region, but also in Muslim societies. Women have been subjected to abuse and a lot of stress all around the globe. It is really a big drawback of most Muslim societies of this world that they fail to provide the due respected and advantages to women which have been dictated by Islam. The main reason behind this tragedy is the male dominance and related issues.

Islam has allotted equal rights to both men and women as it is mentioned in Quran that same sprit has been allotted to men and women and there is no superiority present in this regard. Women have the same rights of acquiring education that have been allotted to men. Islam also gave women the right of inheritance prior to this there was no such concept. But sadly in many Muslim societies women are deprived of this basic right and are not given their deserved share in the property.
The main problem is that there is a lack of understanding and proper teaching.

Also here it is worth mentioning that many Muslim men prefer to adopt arrogant behaviors not paying any consideration to the rights of women. In the end I would like to say that women rights have been well defined in Islam and those who don’t observe them properly will have to face great troubles in the life after death.

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