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Words Of Wisdom By Hazrat Luqman (A.S.)

April 2nd, 2013
by Sufia
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Wisdom is the solution to all problems in our life. Immanuel Kant, a renown philosopher has laid emphasis on wisdom by claiming it to be an organized way of life. The crucial experience one gains from life can be the key to success. It is no surprise that Quran treats wisdom as an important part of a person’s life.

There is no shortage of examples being mentioned particular emphasis on the life of prophet Muhammad (saw). However, there was one person whose wisdom was so special that an entire chapter in the holy book was named after him. There is no particular proof that says Luqman was a prophet. Historians say that he belonged to Jerusalem and was a carpenter by profession but it was due to his wisdom, that he was used to be a judge to settle people’s affairs.

His Famous Words Of Wisdoms:

According to the Quran, Luqman was offered prophethood, but he refused to believe his character was weak to become one. The Quran describes his wisdom through his words to his son which were as follows:

  1. Do not associate anyone with All
  2. Being respectful to parents
  3. The obliging duty to parents unless they prevent from the right path
  4. A person is accountable for their deeds
  5. Offering prayers
  6. Avoid being arrogant
  7. Learn to be humble and lower your voice

Prove Of His Wisdom Other Than Quran:

Sources other than Quran have also praised the wisdom of Luqman saying he often used to cite wisdom as a reason for people calling him for judgement in their affairs. He also stressed the importance of wisdom to others by asking them to be serious about it. He regarded the heart and tongue to be the most important parts of a person’s character stressing that a pleasant heart and tongue make a better man.

Furthermore, he said it is better to be silent if words to be spoken are not pleasant. He had strong feelings for mercy kindness and charity stating that they were all part of wisdom. On friendships, he said that a person should not only love his friend but also their father. Luqman told his son to keep company with wise men and to consult scholars in religious and worldly matters.

Way Of Spending Life:

Some sources such as Abu ad-Darda stated Luqman was granted wisdom because he owned all the attributes of piousness such as kindness, mercy and he did not indulge in any foolish activities. He stated that the one who observes patience and doesn’t be unthankful when any calamity befalls him is the one who is among the best. Many of his children died but he never complained or became impatient.

He had many children and wives but he was never proud of their numbers. In case he had fought with someone, he didn’t hold any grudges and looked to make peace with them. He used to have many good habits, such as people never used to smell odor from his body nor did anyone saw his bath. He prevented mocking anyone and used to inquire in detail about the explanations of wise sayings he heard. He remained patient through poverty and thankful through wealth.

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