Jewellery is permissible for women as long as it is silent, as the jingle can attract the attention of strangers.

NB. Sisters please take note that gold is permissible for sisters only. Males are not allowed to wear gold in Islam, as it is haram for them.



Haircuts are permissible for women as it is important to keep clean and look presentable. However, haircuts & hairdos should not imitate that of a man, and hair must hang below the shoulders.


Plucking eyebrows

It is haram to remove some of your eyebrow hair, or to shave your eyebrows and paint on new ones.

A Hadith Sharif narrated by Abu Dawud states, “Rasulallah (SA) cursed the women who plucked & those who were employed to pluck the eyebrows.”



A narration by Hazrat Aisha  reports that Rasulallah (SA) cursed women who wore hairpieces and the women who aided in this practise.


Spacing teeth & having tattoos

This is not permissible in Islam, as it disfigures and distorts the original creation of Allah . Those who have tattoos should get them surgically removed for his/her own benefit.

A Hadith Sharif states, “Rasulallah (SA) cursed women who tattooed, and those who got themselves tattooed, those who sharpen the teeth of others (as a mark of beauty) and those who had their teeth sharpened.” (Bukhari, Muslim)


Make-up & cosmetics

These are permissible for women, so long as it is not worn with the intention to show off, impress or attract others or other wrongful niyyats.

A woman should keep herself tidy, presentable and be graceful at all times. She should also take care of her natural beauty too, so make sure you avoid things which can harm your health eg. direct sunlight.



In a Hadith Sharif narrated by Abu Dawud, Rasulallah (SA) said, “Males should use that perfume which does not give colour but has a strong smell; and the females should use that perfume which gives colour but has a light smell.”

This is to prevent gossip and unwanted attention from strange men.



Henna is permissible to use on the hands, and even on the hair as a natural dye. However, please beware of Hennas that are mixed with haram substances.


Source: baharemadinah