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Freedom of Choice – Is Gay & Lesbian culture supported by Islam

Gay sign Freedom of Choice Is Gay & Lesbian culture supported by Islam

Gay and Lesbian culture that is; homosexuality, has not been permitted in Islam. There are some verses in the Holy Quran in which Allah clearly indicates thoughts about homosexuality. In the Holy Quran (7:80-81) Allah says that

“Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation committed before you? For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.”

(26:165-166) “Of all the creatures in the world will ye approach males”. “And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay ye are a people transgressing.” (11:82-83) “When our decree issued We turned upside down and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay spread layer on layer Marked as from thy Lord: Nor are they ever far from those who do wrong!” The final consequences for not surrendering homosexuality were the devastation of whole urban areas.

The Quran denies any sexual association other than after marriage between a lady and a man. A large number of gay men and ladies state that they are conceived with their sexual inclination & they have no option. Even though this focus is truly much in debate in the world of medical science, it has no backing in the Quran. Although a few of the European countries have declared homosexuality being legal and the followers can even marry each other. One cannot decide is it freedom of choice or modernism or what?

Everyone is well aware of the fact that life is some sort of test. And every person has their own test. For instance somebody is blind by birth, but the same person is living in accordance with the law of God. Others are short, poor, weak, having a big nose and so on, but all are the followers of God’s law. Few men or women may not marry in life, or choose to spend their lives without a spouse.

According to the Quran, they have still been living the chaste life by avoiding sexual links outside marriage. They need to subdue their sexual emotions to serve God’s law. This is a big test and not the easiest for anyone. Those who submitted to God will do all things they are able to obey His law. They are well aware that their salvation or endless joy rests in doing so.

If God condemns homosexuality, then we need to think that a lady or a man with homosexual tendencies are anticipated to act similar to any other individual and take God’s law if they really trust in it. They ought subdue their affections, maintain abstention, and utilize all ready sources of assistance in incorporating social, behavioral and medical treatments to help control their conduct and affections.

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Islamic Divorces in State Of New York

divorce pic 480x565 Islamic Divorces in State Of New York

Marriage is defined as the harmony, synchronization and bonding between two persons of opposite gender as husband or wife, in a consensual and contractual association recognized by law, nature and religion. Every relationship has its good and bad days, but only that relationship survives that has the strength to bear the trials and tribulations of time, while others result in to a state of strong disagreement known as divorce.  Divorce can be defined as the action or an instance of legally and spiritually dissolving a marriage so that the couple no longer remains bonded and the people are now two separate entities. The rate of divorce in the west is greater and only a few marriages last till the end, the same trend is now being opted by the Muslim countries.

In Islam there are particular rules for divorce for men and women in the stipulations of Islamic commandment known as sharia. When a man has commenced a divorce the practice is called ṭalāq. When a woman has instigated an annulment it is called khula.

Muslims existing in New York are in a twin circumstances when it comes to the functioning of family unit commandment. They are presided over by the spiritual law of Islam, entitled as Islamic sharia, and by the material family law of the state of New York. To Muslims, the family commandment of Islam commands that matrimony and annulment amongst Muslims should be completed in agreement with the Islamic law known as sharia, despite of whether they survive in an Islamic or secular and materialist fatherland Civil divorce diktat attained by worldly courts are not documented by Islamic sharia. Under Islamic ruling, a Muslim man may get hitched to a non-Muslim woman, whereas a Muslim female is forbidden from marrying a non-Muslim gentleman under these rules, a non-Muslim woman marrying a Muslim man in observance with Islamic sharia is subjected to the regulations of Islam in the areas of dissociation, adolescent guardianship and heritage. In other prose, a non-Muslim woman who marries a Muslim man in harmony with Islamic regulation, deprives herself of the supervision of her offsprings in state of divorce, or if the husband expires. Subsequently, a non-Muslim woman in harmony to a Muslim man in Islam is inclined, under the conventions of Islamic sharia, to capitulate charge and protection of her son when he by passes the age of seven, and her daughter at the epoch of nine. She is also proscribed from legacy and heritage. These regulations are functional right the way through Muslim nations with an organization and scheme of Islamic-law pedestal family unit regulation in place.

Islam the second largest religion, and with the aggravated figure of Muslims immigrating to the United State, American courts are further recurrently seeking into Islamic annulment litigations between Muslim pairs.

Muslim Marriage – A Relationship Which Symbolizes Islam and Love

muslim marriage services Muslim Marriage A Relationship Which Symbolizes Islam and LoveMarriage in Islam is of huge importance. It is a sacred agreement between a man and a woman to be together in all times. The wed lock (Nikkah) allows the man and the woman to be together and grants this relationship a social, cultural, legal as well as religious/ holy permission to exist.

A typical Islamic marriage, one in which Islamic rules are being observed, is a symbol of love and unity. Islam prohibits dowry being obtained from the parents of the bride. The man is responsible for all the expenses. Islamic wedding parties are supposed to be attended by close family members and friends of the boy and the girl. This ceremony is supposed to be a simple one instead of being very pompous or elaborate.

Parents of the girl are to give only the essentials to their daughter. Hence it puts no economic or social pressure on them. This is different to Western traditions, where the bride’s parents are supposed to provide her with a dowry, as well as pay for the wedding.

Islam gives equal rights to man and woman. A woman has the right to file a divorce case under Islamic laws. Islam gives ultimate freedom to women by declaring that if a woman does not like her husband for some reason, she can get a divorce without further delay. A man is entitled to the same consideration.

Muslim Marriage 480x573 Muslim Marriage A Relationship Which Symbolizes Islam and Love

A Muslim man is responsible for earning for the household. He is bound by Islamic law to keep his wife happy and comfortable otherwise the woman has the right to leave him. Again this varies greatly from the Westerner, who technically has to provide for the woman, but all too often does not. The Islamic system also propagates a separate family setup in which husband and wife are allowed to have personal privacy. In the Islam world, the husband has to be just in his relationship with his woman. This is despite the fact that Islam allows the man to marry four times but he must seek the first woman’s permission for it. It is allowed only if the man is capable of being just to all of them. In the Western world, this is forbidden and punishable in a court-of-law if the law of monogamy is broken.

Giving man and woman equal rights and conferring equal duties shows that Islam wants a house to be an institute where living together is not a compulsion. Living together should arise out of love and not be a compromise. Islam believes in love and pursues this aim in every walk of life with ultimate determination.

The Sunnah of Love

sunnah of love The Sunnah of Love

When you have considered about the marriage life of most of the couples, you would probably get that most would get with the marital problems. This is because of the misunderstanding between the couples and also because of people have forgotten about the sunnah of love. This would probably make people to end up with inhospitable relationships.

Root of life

If you have gone through the life between man and his wife, this would probably become as the best and longstanding one because of their love. This love has been considered as root for most of the people and also for people who want to make their life as blessed one.

When you have considered about imams, normally they are untrained to counsel over the couples. This is because basically most of the Islamic people would be aware of Allah’s sunnah of love and hence they don’t have interest to go through the counseling methods that would be helpful for uniting the divided couples. Allah would advise about the true submission of love between man and his wife that too as the comfort one.

Sunnah of love

When you have come across the word sunnah of love, it has become as necessary for you to know about the truth behind it in order to live your life as the best one. Usually the sunnah of love is not an unusual feeling of people or outrageous feeling too. It has been defined as the thing that is common to all and also as the best in literal and theoretical sages.

It is not the thing that can be got by threatening or through other ways. It is the one that most people get in the form of divine love because of their comfort and mutual acceptance.

Expressing your love

The sunnah of love would provide every individual with the following things, in order to make out their life as the lovely one and those are as follows:

  • Every person should express love to loved ones by all means. This would probably increase the comfort and love between them
  • It would be better to avoid unnecessary arguments and also have to be mutual in all the things
  • It is also necessary to make their love to be happy always

All these things would make the people to live their life in the right way by understanding the sunnah of love.

If you want to get with more knowledge on the sunnah of love and also about Allah’s views towards marital life, it would be better for you to go through the resources that are available to provide you with all these information. If you are not able to find out the information through books and other things, it would be better for you to go through the online websites that would offer you with enough information regarding all the things. Since there are many websites available, you should have to go through the professional website to get the things in an efficient and reliable way.

A Muslim’s Guide to Facebook Arguments (and online ridiculousness in general)

Muslim Guide to Facebook A Muslim’s Guide to Facebook Arguments (and online ridiculousness in general)

Today in this fast moving technological world, there are many changes happened in almost everyone’s life and these changes are in Muslim’s too. When you have considered about the life of ancient Muslim people, they don’t even know about the advanced things that have been invented in this world. Since most of the inventions have made people to entertain their life they didn’t have interest in those things. This is because music had been considered as the thing against Ummah.

Muslim’s life today

Compare to the ancient Muslim people who lived their life by searching through books and other resources to know more things about Allah, today people have started to surf around the internet to know about the things related to Islam. Through internet forums and social networking websites people have started to discuss about the things that happened in Muslim’s life and still they want to find out somewhat ridiculous things with modern inventions.

When you have considered about the things that have been discussed through forums it would be off shame. This is because it is not the right thing to describe about the things that are related to any religion and also to give comments over that. Even though there are many technological have been made over the internet it is not the sufficient platform to discuss about all these things and also you have to be very careful while using out the social networking websites.

Using Facebook

Most of the people today have preferred to spend their time in social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and other websites, in order to increase the number of friends and also to share the things that they want to discuss with. When you have gone through Facebook to make friends there are many things that you need to consider before getting with that and those are as follows:

  • It would be better to avoid discussing the things that are related foods and other things. This would probably make you to end up with funny as well as comments that would hurt you
  • You should also have to be aware of the arguments that would badly describe the beliefs of particular religion

Because of all these reasons it would be better to go through the Facebook arguments very carefully.

When you have described about any particular religion that would probably make the people of that religion to think on ridiculous things that are related to it and hence there may be some contradictions too. Today there are many websites available for providing people with the best guidelines to come up with the Facebook arguments in a better way. You can go through that websites to know about the things that are related to Facebook arguments, in order to realize about your foolishness and also wasting your time with unnecessary Facebook arguments that would describe the particular religion.

There are also some websites especially available for providing more information on Facebook arguments related to Islam. You can also go with those websites to get clear about Facebook arguments.

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