Umm Salamah, real name Hind, was the daughter of Makhzum clan and married to Abdullah ibn Abdulasad. Both of them are among early Muslims of Makkah. Quraysh with their frenzied anger made the life unbearable and miserable for them like many of the others who had recently embraced Islam. Umm Salamah, her husband along with other Muslims migrated to Abyssinia.

The husband and wife returned to Makkah after sometime and did not find the situation much in their favor. Quresh and people of Makkah were leaving no one from their cruel intentions and torturous behavior. Umm Salamah and her husband were among those who were permitted to migrate to Madinah. They both and their son went through a very rough time until they finally reached Madinah and settled there.

Her clan had snatched her away from her husband and son. She was left alone to stay with her clan. It was terrible for her to be forced to leave her family and this separation left her grief stricken. Her clan finally permitted to join her husband and she was set free. She went to Banu Abdulasad in Makkah for the return of her son. After getting her son back, she set forth for her journey towards Madinah.

She reached Madinah and met her husband. Finally, they all reunited and it seemed her sufferings had come to an end. Soon, her husband died and she was left alone again along with her son. Many nobles with marriage proposal approached her but she refused until the time came she had prayed so much for. She received the proposal by the noblest of all men Prophet of Allah Sallalaho Alayhi wasalam and she agreed with all her might and happiness. She died as the most respectable and honorable Umm al-Mu’mineen the mother of all true believers.