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What is the Reality of dreams according to Islam


Any person who is genuinely devoted to Allah, the prophet and his teachings, is quite often given to dreams in which the Prophet or Allah, or infrequently both, appear to them. These dreams usually leave the person refreshed and filled with joy and thankfulness to Allah at their visions. The dreams are seen as a positive future, both on earth and when the person dies and is welcomed into Allah’s presence.

Sometimes the dreams tell of good fortune coming and this usually will come true. As does the feeling of lightening of the soul that these devout people often experience. These dreams are often alluded to as the person having them being allowed to glimpse the future as far as Allah permits. These dreams, if good, also signify that the dreamer is on the right path towards Allah and is to be blessed.


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The dreams can signify different things when deciphered at different times of the day. Mornings are usually positive, but evenings or afternoons can be the opposite. Dreaming of nasty things, like snakes or scorpions usually means that the person is not on track according to Allah’s wishes and needs to repent and admit to their sins. Although if a grave is opened, there will only be found the normal bones of a human body and no sign of a snake’s remains or that of a scorpion the idea is ingrained from whence the person has the dream.

When a person sleeps their soul is thought to go to Allah who returns it the next morning. If He is pleased with them, they will return refreshed and energised, if not, they will have a restless sleep and be grumpy and tired the next day because of the lack of restful sleep. People may say that they do not dream. This is untrue, as the body does dream, but often the mind covers the dreams in a cloak of secrecy because they have been too unpleasant to recall. Even good dreams may fall victim to this type of censorship by the person’s own mind. The mind is conditioned to deny things that may mean something is going to drastically change a comfortable life, or a personal one, therefore dreams are not always given their due.

Dreams are not straight-forward, either in message or appearance, but, should the person seeking enlightenment continue on, they will make sense. Some may be about something that is weighing heavily on the person’s mind which may be work or personal reasons. Other times, if the person is extremely devout, they may simply be affirmations of this to the person’s inner self should some small doubt have surfaced? Many dreams may simply be a reflection of the way the person is feeling, or an illness that has not been suspected, and may be a warning of this potential problem.

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