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Influence of the Muslims throughout the World

It is documented fact that 60% of the world’s wealth is under control of the Christian countries which is only 10% of the population. In Muslim countries the population earns merely $1145 annually whereas Christian population earns $28,033.

 Influence of the Muslims throughout the World

In the finance world Muslim nations merely account for 1% of the total value of the global equity. This influence of the Muslims therefore does not permit them to rule other societies where they have no money. It is a misleading conception that Muslims own that portion of the world that actually requires high level monetary conditions.

Muslims, due to extreme poverty, migrate to the developed countries hoping for a proper reward of their labour. That is the main reason behind their immigration, although there may be many others, such as persecution of their race or religion.. The developed countries want to send them back on the plea that the Muslims are influencing their society, and not for the good, according to some. This idea has been spread by the media without any real justification or proof. All 35 nations of America in the north and south have their roots in the Roman European culture and principles which still speak the language of the old world. Besides this, 53 nations of Africa, which were created by Europeans powers, work under these principles and laws.

At one time, Asia was subdued by European powers and maybe today’s Afghanistan also. Hong Kong and Singapore are still with the English as the dominant language and continue trading with the pound sterling. Australia has always been a part of the Commonwealth, and until the late 60’s, only Europeans were allowed to immigrate. For many years it was utilised for prison and the so-called criminals of Europe were sent there. European influence over the five continents is quite evident with these historical references and it is ground reality that Europeans dominate these regions now, but mostly in name only. So it is hard to believe that Muslims influence, dominate and infiltrate other nations where it is a fact that they have not sufficient ability to speak their own language properly.

Maybe the most fabulous endowment Muslims have presented to the world is Islam’s logic of using the information of the Qur’an, pureness in heart and clearness in the brain, for trying to influence all the world’s nations to serve God better, raise the principles of living, and elevate brotherhood and justice for all.

The standards illustrating the mission of the Prophet Muhammad, which have made a worldwide impact in the scientific realm, and social, profound society that framed the Golden Time period characterised by Islam, continued unsullied up to the 15th century. Accompanied by constant deliberation to incorporate confidence with explanation and learning with the material, Muslim and Islamic society of the Golden Age developed a persistent bond among science and ethics in the East & West. This adaptation would not be able to have been in the event that if it had not been for the vehicle of Islam, and the help of its wisdom.

What are Muslims Doing on Facebook?

Internet has turned out to be an integral part of our lives. The whole world has become a global village and we are all interlinked with each other. There are many ways to link with each other no matter where do you live in east or west, you can communicate with anyone in this world. Can explore the world through varieties of online websites, can you internet for information or entertainment, to work and promote your business or anything you wish to do.


FACEBOOK AND ISLAM What are Muslims Doing on Facebook?

Social networking websites have a special place in the online world. Some of the most popular ones have millions of members from all around the world. One of the most popular social networking online sites is Facebook. Having tens of millions of registered users this website has got the top position among all the popular social networking websites. There are many reasons for which increasing number of people are switching to this online forum.

There are number of activities for all age groups. If on one side kids can play games of their choice through this website then on the other hand adults can communicate with their friends or family members. They can share pictures, videos with each other, can have live chat, not only text but also can have voice and video chat can join different community pages of their interests, can find new friends, can raise their voice internationally in favor of any social or religious cause and much more.

Muslims being in almost every part of the world are also members of facebook. They are taking part in all such activities through facebook. On one hand if some of them are playing positive role in projecting positive image of Muslims and Islam,  helping others to know what is the real way of living and what are the teachings of Islam, avoiding false approaches to tease others or any other negative activity then on the other hand there are many Muslim males and females who are more interested in dating, flirting or some other negative activities which are not only disliked ethically but also according to Islam and being a Muslim they should avoid such activities.

There are many of them who fake users and they make fun of others, misguide them, deceive them etc. So being involved in such activities many of the Muslims sadly are not only becoming a reason to provoke hatred for themselves and Islam as well. One should avoid such activities not only being a Muslim but also being a good human being. No religion permits illegal activities and crossing limits so we all should avoid and try not to become a part of all this at all both for the sake of Islam and humanity.

Countdown to the FIRST AlMaghrib class in Dubai!

‘All humans are dead except those who have knowledge…’

AlMaghrib is yet again zooming over to another city! After having spread to several countries in the West, AlMaghrib is rapidly moving over to the East capturing the attention and interest of many more students as Dubai eagerly awaits its first ever AlMaghrib seminar.

AlMaghrib Institute 83909 630x298 480x298 Countdown to the FIRST AlMaghrib class in Dubai!

Dubai will be hosting its very first AlMaghrib double-weekend seminar taught by none other than the founder of AlMaghrib himself, Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef. He will be teaching The Shepherd’s Path, a seerah course that he last taught at Calgary, which was one of the most successful courses that city ever had. This course will enable students to spend two weekends of their life with the man who changed the world, the mercy to mankind…and what a mind blowing experience that will be! We have all heard the stories and studied the events, but attendees of this course will be able to LIVE the events and experience the roller coaster of emotions and challenges Rasoolullah (SAW) faced.

AlMaghrib has been of immense benefit to people of cities before and it is now going to work its magic in a new city where people have been eager to seize this unique opportunity. Residents and students in Dubai are very enthusiastic to make this seminar a huge success and to take utmost advantage of the blessing of knowledge having arrived at their doorstep. The seminar will begin on the 20th September at Dar Al Ber Society building where the angels will descend, envelop and make du’a for the blessed gathering of the remembrance of Allah and His Messenger (SAW).

Source: AlMaghrib

How & Why Terrorism Spread – Identify the Real Cause

Commonly Europeans and Americans believe that they are civilized and good protectors of the rights of human-beings and it is impossible for their people to get involved in the terrorism. This self assumption completely controls their thoughts and on any terrorist activity they assume that the same is done by outsiders. Just like in the case of Oklahoma they suspect that the Muslims are behind this terrorist activity. Their leaders start the campaign against Muslims and this malaise remained till the real culprits got arrested. Nobody believes, he is purely native white American who has taken part in the operation of Iraq and killed thousands of Iraqi civilians.

terrorists How & Why Terrorism Spread – Identify the Real Cause

This is the example case that is necessary to keep in mind to understand the root cause of terrorism. It is not caused by Muslims but it is the reaction of something else. Actually terrorism is a very complex phenomenon and for fighting, comprehensive approach is primarily required. Its suppression and condemnation is essential. But it is not enough to achieve complete success. Prevention of conditions that creates a terrorist is crucially important.

Some of the obvious conditions that make the spread of the terrorism are human rights violations, conflicts, under-development and poverty. It is very dangerous to deal these issues with the short-term repression, demagogy and simplistic solutions. It is more dangerous to declare any ethnic or religious group or individual as terrorist. Human rights are a powerful tool for the eradication of these factors together with observance of the rule of law. These are assets in the battle against terrorism.

In today’s scenario there is a visible division existed among the communities. Their repair and building of mutual respect and common interests through dialogue is very essential. Intercultural and interreligious dialogues can be helpful to change the existing conditions. Addressing the main root causes of terrorism is the key to success.

The dire need is existed to promote the tolerance through encouraging cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue. This will need the involvement of non-governmental organizations and civil society for raising public awareness in the sectors of media, culture and education. The development of continuous measures on these lines will not only thwart the existing conditions but can be conducive for the spread of terrorism.

To tackle terrorism, the most efficient way is to eliminate those conditions that can lead people to chose for terrorism. For this reason, International community and independent media should have to provide the best environment for the individuals who are deprived of their rights. To defeat the terrorists, sincerity and faithfulness in the values and ideas is prime requisite. It is not enough to declare anybody as terrorist without observing and addressing their root causes of terrorism.

Anticipation at its peak for MBC’s new Ramadan series: Omar ibn al-Khattab

640x392 3822 225246 Anticipation at its peak for MBC’s new Ramadan series: Omar ibn al Khattab

“Omar”, the most important drama series produced in recent TV history in the region, chronicles the life and achievements of one of the most important icons in Islam. (MBC)


Religious and historical shows are known to be fixtures on television during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, however, viewers this year will be eagerly anticipating to break their fast watching a ground-breaking series which chronicles the life of the second Righteous Caliph (thani al-Khulafa’ al-Rashidin), Omar ibn al-Khattab, also known as the Great Farooq.

Mazen Hayek, MBC Group’s Official Spokesman, tells Al Arabiya that “Omar” is anticipated to be the biggest and most important TV drama series ever produced in recent Middle Eastern TV history.

The series, which is the result of a joint collaboration between MBC Group and Qatar Media Incorporated, follows the life of Omar and his accomplishments, most notably the foundation of an Islamic state.

It also portrays Omar’s noble character to the audience, and the values he embodied such as good governance, equity, heroism and justice.

Given the significance of the main character and story to Muslims around the globe, the series is expected to attract audiences worldwide. The show will be airing in the Middle East and North Africa via MBC1, while ATV, a leading private TV network in Turkey, will air the Turkish dubbed version simultaneously with MBC in Ramadan; and MNC TV network in Indonesia, will air the subtitled version first, then the dubbed later.

Audiences in South East Asia, Europe and French speaking countries should also brace themselves; as the series is heading their way soon.

“O3 Productions which is the production arm of the MBC group is now in the final, contractual phases of closing the deals with leading networks and countries. There could well be a French version to-be considered for French speaking audiences in Africa, and one in English considered for Europe,” Hayek said.

As with any historical program, the project went through extensive research and authentication. In addition, a committee of prominent scholars and religious figures was formed to validate the text and made sure of the accurate interpretation of historical events, facts, and figures.

The trailer and available previews of the show indicates a huge amount of work high production values, 3D animation, props, and makeup in this year-and-a-half production. “If you think of similar treatments, you can only think of Robin Hood, Braveheart, and such Hollywood epic movies. We don’t have the exact budget of these big movies, but we’re talking of the same treatment in visual representation, at least.”

With a few days left to go before Ramadan starts; the hype surrounding this new series is at its peak… including among the media and advertising experts.

Faysal Zok, managing director of Initiative Media in Saudi Arabia expects the show to be a hit, given the extensive process in creating it.

“Historical series have proven success when done right, examples of that are the success of Hareem Al Sultan on OSN and Dubai TV, and Al Hassan Wa Al Hussein last Ramadan on Rotana Khaleejiah,” he said.

One aspect of the show which people are eager to find out about is whether the face of Omar will be shown on screen, since some Muslims believe that such a highly revered religious icon should not be portrayed.

“The series is expected to feature the faces of the Caliphs (Sahaba) and Omar, which is expected to create a controversy as to whether this is right or wrong, though we understood that MBC Group has already taken an approval from the three religious sources in the region (KSA, Egypt, and Qatar),” said Zok.

For his part, Hayek said viewers will have to wait until the first night the show is expected to air on MBC1 to find out whether Omar’s face will be shown. “The question about the series is not about whether the face is finally shown or not but, the real question is whether this mega TV historical series gives justice to Omar’s history or not. As a matter of fact, it does!”

Watch the trailer for “Omar” (in Arabic)


Source: alarabiya.net

A Political Framework Of The Islam

picofsalafi120216740pk 480x417 A Political Framework Of The Islam

The Islamic politics system is dependent on the three rules of towhid (Oneness associated with Allah), risala (Prophethood) as well as Khilifa (Caliphate).

The Towhid:

Towhid signifies that one Allah only is the Master Creator, plus Sustainer of the universe along with of all, which exists in this – organic or even inorganic. He only has the rights to command or prohibit. Worship and obedience tend to be due to Him only. No aspect of existence in all of the its multifarious forms your own organs plus faculties the apparent manage which people have above physical objects or even the objects themselves are created or a obtained by people in the right. They’re the bountiful commissariat of Allah along with have been bestowed upon people by Him alone.

Therefore, it isn’t for people to decide the goal together with purpose of the existence in order to set the limitations of the worldly authority not does anyone else possess the right to create these decisions for people. This right rests exclusively with Allah. This rule of the Oneness associated with Allah creates meaningless the idea of the legal plus political sovereignty of humans. No individual, family members, class or race could set themselves over Allah. Allah only is the Ruler plus His commandments comprise the laws of Islam.

The Risalah:

Risalah is a medium through which people receive the laws of Allah. You have received two points from this resource: the Holy Quran, a book into that Allah has expounded the law plus the authoritative interpretation with exemplification of which Book through the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), by word and deed, within his capacity like the representative of Almighty Allah. The Holy Quran laid down all the broad principles which human being life should be dependent plus the Allah’s Prophet, in accordance with such principles, established the model system of the Islamic life. The mixture of these two components is named the sharia (which means law).

The Khilifah:

Khilafah means the representation. Person in accordance with Islam is a representative of Almighty Allah on the planet, His vice-gerent that is to say through virtue of the strengths delegated to him through Allah plus within the limits recommended he’s required to practice Divine authority. In order to illustrate what it signifies, let’s consider the case of the estate of yours that another person has been appointed in order to manage on your behalf.

The four states of affairs invariably obtain. Initial, the actual ownership of any estate remains vested within you and not within the administrator; subsequent, he administers the property directly according to your instructions; third, he practices is authority in the limits prescribed with you; plus fourthly, within the administration of believe in the executes your will as well as fulfils your intentions not his own.
In conclusion, this is just what Islam means once this affirms that humankind is the representative (or khalifa) of Allah in the world. Therefore, these four conditions tend to be involved in the idea of Khalifah. The state that’s organized in accordance with such political theory will actually be a caliphate underneath the sovereignty of the Allah.

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