What are Muslims Doing on Facebook?

By Sufia

Internet has turned out to be an integral part of our lives. The whole world has become a global village and we are all interlinked with each other. There are many ways to link with each other no matter where do you live in east or west, you can communicate with anyone in this world. Can explore the world through varieties of online websites, can you internet for information or entertainment, to work and promote your business or anything you wish to do.


FACEBOOK AND ISLAM What are Muslims Doing on Facebook?

Social networking websites have a special place in the online world. Some of the most popular ones have millions of members from all around the world. One of the most popular social networking online sites is Facebook. Having tens of millions of registered users this website has got the top position among all the popular social networking websites. There are many reasons for which increasing number of people are switching to this online forum.

There are number of activities for all age groups. If on one side kids can play games of their choice through this website then on the other hand adults can communicate with their friends or family members. They can share pictures, videos with each other, can have live chat, not only text but also can have voice and video chat can join different community pages of their interests, can find new friends, can raise their voice internationally in favor of any social or religious cause and much more.

Muslims being in almost every part of the world are also members of facebook. They are taking part in all such activities through facebook. On one hand if some of them are playing positive role in projecting positive image of Muslims and Islam,  helping others to know what is the real way of living and what are the teachings of Islam, avoiding false approaches to tease others or any other negative activity then on the other hand there are many Muslim males and females who are more interested in dating, flirting or some other negative activities which are not only disliked ethically but also according to Islam and being a Muslim they should avoid such activities.

There are many of them who fake users and they make fun of others, misguide them, deceive them etc. So being involved in such activities many of the Muslims sadly are not only becoming a reason to provoke hatred for themselves and Islam as well. One should avoid such activities not only being a Muslim but also being a good human being. No religion permits illegal activities and crossing limits so we all should avoid and try not to become a part of all this at all both for the sake of Islam and humanity.

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