The muslim women inside and outside according to islam

By Sufia

Woman in Islam, the most beautiful creation of Divine, has a very high status in Islam. They are supposed to
be treated with kindness, and the utmost of love and gentleness. Women are sensitive and fragile, yet strong emotionally. Islam focuses on defining their role, duties and responsibilities, along with their rights and what they deserve.

Women in Islam The muslim women inside and outside according to islam

The religion Islam has given the women the freedom to choose and specified the role, rights and duties. Women are supposed to be modest and there is no permission for adultery of any type. Muslim women can marry any adult male with her own sweet will and if she is not satisfied with her man she can take Khullah and marry another. The right to choose her mate is given to the woman in Islam.

Islam is the religion of love and peace

It is based on code of conducts for everyone. Every man, woman,
child, old, free or slave have been given real guidance to spend their lives happily in this world and

According to Islam, women are not allowed and encouraged to date men, meet them alone
or in public and if meeting a namehrum is necessary at all they are required to take their father, brother,
son or husband with them. All men who are her blood relation are called mehrum and with whom she
can marry, are known as namehrum.

A woman has all the right to educate herself, by going to colleges or universities, work in a field and
adopt any profession, but interaction with the opposite gender is not at all allowed. If they need to
interact, they have been given a certain guideline.

For example, they should be covered properly and their dress should hide all their body parts except face, hands and feet. It is not mandatory to wear a long black gown known as Burqa, abaya but if they choose to wear a dress, it should not be revealing, so not to cause of any sort of physical attraction.

Being a mother in islam

Being a mother is a very important role. Women are taught at an early age to care for their siblings
and learn the duties and responsibilities it takes to care and raise respectable children. Through their
childhood, through their parents, they are disciplined and taught to respect their elders and peers. This
is very important, as this will be handed down to their children and down the line of generations. Raising
children and giving them, Islamic awareness along with worldly education is the foremost duty of a
Muslim mom.

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