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Israel and Palestine riots and world’s strongest leader’s silence

Israel and Palestine conflict has been going on for quite some time. The bloodshed does not appear to be able to be stopped even though it has been debated among different International communities with the world’s strongest leader Barack Obama appearing to be on the Israeli side, possibly because he does not see both sides of the conflict.

aptopix mideast israel palestinians.jpeg9 460x307 Israel and Palestine riots and world’s strongest leader’s silenceThe major issues of Israel and Palestine conflict are their borders; the most delicate issue is Jerusalem. Both nations want the city because it holds are very important landmarks for religious places for both Muslims and Jews.

The rivalry has been going very bad with lots of killing by Israeli and US troops in Gaza. Hundreds of men, women and children are dying every day from bomb blasts, missile attacks, rocket launchers and firing.

The matter has been raised at the UN and Human rights organizations too but everyone has remained silent in all the cases. Many agreements and contracts were placed in front of the Jewish and Arab leaders, but in most cases the Jews didn’t agree or the Arab didn’t agree.

Israel has been declared as the national homeland for the Jews, but there are secular places in Israel which hold important value in the Muslim world.  The other issues between both of the countries are water rights, mutual recognition and protection of minorities and borders.

The Israel and Palestine conflict is creating bloodshed in both nations but the violence in Palestine is worse. Israel is stronger than Palestine because they have more population and so have big army staff whereas Palestine doesn’t have that much population comparatively.

Israelis are funded heavily by the US and US troops have been sent to Palestine to try to control everything. Million of innocent children are dying today and the most powerful leader Barack Obama is silent in the matter. There is a possibility that he does not know all the facts.

Israel has killed thousands of adults and children in Palestine without any reason, which should be a serious crime in anyone’s eyes. Therefore, the United Nations should play its role to stop this war immediately. Any delay in the resolution of this dispute will create severe problems for the whole world, not just Palestine and Israelis or Muslims.

Israel and America have had reasonable relationships from day one. They have helped each other and different sectors of industries and their officials and delegation pay visits every year.

Therefore America can play an important role in the resolution of this very delicate dispute. America is world power therefore its role is most important and significant in leading towards peace for everyone, not just one party.

Young muslims by A Hasan

young muslims by A Hasan Young muslims by A Hasan

Arab Israeli girls stand next to a photo during an exhibition