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Muslim women visiting Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem

muslim women Muslim women visiting Christmas celebrations in BethlehemFlickr: rightohijab

Hina Rabbani Khar’s Electricity Bill: Rs 67 Million Only

hina rabbani khar Hina Rabbani Khar’s Electricity Bill: Rs 67 Million Only

Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar’s Textile Mill ” Galaxy Textile Mill, Jhang” has defaulted Electricity Bill by Rs. 67,700,000.

This huge amount has been put on monthly instalment of Rs. 3,000 pm.

Number of instalments : 23,333 (months)

Time required for instalments- 1944 Years.

This bill was shown on Dunia TV.

A Muslim’s Guide to Facebook Arguments (and online ridiculousness in general)

Muslim Guide to Facebook A Muslim’s Guide to Facebook Arguments (and online ridiculousness in general)

Today in this fast moving technological world, there are many changes happened in almost everyone’s life and these changes are in Muslim’s too. When you have considered about the life of ancient Muslim people, they don’t even know about the advanced things that have been invented in this world. Since most of the inventions have made people to entertain their life they didn’t have interest in those things. This is because music had been considered as the thing against Ummah.

Muslim’s life today

Compare to the ancient Muslim people who lived their life by searching through books and other resources to know more things about Allah, today people have started to surf around the internet to know about the things related to Islam. Through internet forums and social networking websites people have started to discuss about the things that happened in Muslim’s life and still they want to find out somewhat ridiculous things with modern inventions.

When you have considered about the things that have been discussed through forums it would be off shame. This is because it is not the right thing to describe about the things that are related to any religion and also to give comments over that. Even though there are many technological have been made over the internet it is not the sufficient platform to discuss about all these things and also you have to be very careful while using out the social networking websites.

Using Facebook

Most of the people today have preferred to spend their time in social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and other websites, in order to increase the number of friends and also to share the things that they want to discuss with. When you have gone through Facebook to make friends there are many things that you need to consider before getting with that and those are as follows:

  • It would be better to avoid discussing the things that are related foods and other things. This would probably make you to end up with funny as well as comments that would hurt you
  • You should also have to be aware of the arguments that would badly describe the beliefs of particular religion

Because of all these reasons it would be better to go through the Facebook arguments very carefully.

When you have described about any particular religion that would probably make the people of that religion to think on ridiculous things that are related to it and hence there may be some contradictions too. Today there are many websites available for providing people with the best guidelines to come up with the Facebook arguments in a better way. You can go through that websites to know about the things that are related to Facebook arguments, in order to realize about your foolishness and also wasting your time with unnecessary Facebook arguments that would describe the particular religion.

There are also some websites especially available for providing more information on Facebook arguments related to Islam. You can also go with those websites to get clear about Facebook arguments.

Muslim boys Reading Quran in Islamic school

Muslim boys in Islamic school Muslim boys Reading Quran in Islamic school

The Remarkable Rights the females in Islam

women in islam1 480x333 The Remarkable Rights the females in Islam

Because of the standard principles of the Islamic jurisprudence, any Muslim Woman enjoys exactly the same capacity plus freedom enjoyed by any man. She may also propose to the man for marriage by mouth or even in writing, she could freely choose her partner, reject the suitor she doesn’t like or get divorce from the estranged husband in opposition to his will. However, a man relative normally formalizes any marriage contract and also marriage dissolution and divorce on a female’s initiative is just granted by the judge.

A wife might have anything creed of scriptural religious beliefs on variance with the Muslim Husband without the compulsion. She could and should obtain any kind of education without any kind of limit or hindrance. It’s reported that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) strongly recommended the best education of girls. Anyone from among the folks of the scriptures which believed in his Prophet and in Prophet Muhammad the slave whom endeavors to fulfill his obligation towards Allah as well his experts along with those who have a slave girl as well as strove to teach her and also educate her well and also then provides her freedom plus marries her. It’s worthy of take note that females have been attending a general assemblies for studying held by Prophet.

Consequently, women are permitted to complete freedom of expression from their proper opinions in order that those to progress on their juristic views with venture their views within the existence of the Prophet. Therefore, she is capable to own property with dispose of this in any manner because the Islam generally offers an equitable plus fair role for females in the monetary life of the Muslim society. Within an Islamic society, females participate in any appointment of counseling as well as control officers accountable for the public matters of society by the procedure of consultation. Any woman is fairly entitled to move out for any requirement.

A woman might go to the marketplace to do business and or else as this might entail anyone inconveniencing her. The problem of the women within Islam is hugely controversial as decided that all the rights awarded to any woman into the Holy Quran and through the prophet Muhammad had been a vast improvement compared to the circumstances of any women in Arabia before the introduction of Islam. After Prophet’s death, the circumstance of women within Islam started to decline and also reverts back in pre-Islamic norms. However just like the women’s movement within the west started to get steam within the 20 th century a similar thing occurred, though to a smaller extent within the Muslim world currently. As a result, all Muslim women have already been developing the distinctly Islamic feminism because women of color within the western have been creating “womanism” as opposed to feminism that shaped by the issues of the United States women.

Muslim people sitting together