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Fashion in Islam – Can fashion and Islam coexist comfortably?

fashion islam Fashion in Islam Can fashion and Islam coexist comfortably?

Fashion in Islam, In earlier times the Islamic women clothing was only available in simple fabrics in limited colors such as
white and black only. As the time passed by, a lot of innovation and advancement has been witnessed
and the styles and colors of these modest clothing have been changed and a variety of choices are
available to choose from. (more…)

The muslim women inside and outside according to islam

Woman in Islam, the most beautiful creation of Divine, has a very high status in Islam. They are supposed to
be treated with kindness, and the utmost of love and gentleness. Women are sensitive and fragile, yet strong emotionally. Islam focuses on defining their role, duties and responsibilities, along with their rights and what they deserve.

Women in Islam The muslim women inside and outside according to islam

The religion Islam has given the women the freedom to choose and specified the role, rights and duties. Women are supposed to be modest and there is no permission for adultery of any type. Muslim women can marry any adult male with her own sweet will and if she is not satisfied with her man she can take Khullah and marry another. The right to choose her mate is given to the woman in Islam.

Islam is the religion of love and peace

It is based on code of conducts for everyone. Every man, woman,
child, old, free or slave have been given real guidance to spend their lives happily in this world and

According to Islam, women are not allowed and encouraged to date men, meet them alone
or in public and if meeting a namehrum is necessary at all they are required to take their father, brother,
son or husband with them. All men who are her blood relation are called mehrum and with whom she
can marry, are known as namehrum.

A woman has all the right to educate herself, by going to colleges or universities, work in a field and
adopt any profession, but interaction with the opposite gender is not at all allowed. If they need to
interact, they have been given a certain guideline.

For example, they should be covered properly and their dress should hide all their body parts except face, hands and feet. It is not mandatory to wear a long black gown known as Burqa, abaya but if they choose to wear a dress, it should not be revealing, so not to cause of any sort of physical attraction.

Being a mother in islam

Being a mother is a very important role. Women are taught at an early age to care for their siblings
and learn the duties and responsibilities it takes to care and raise respectable children. Through their
childhood, through their parents, they are disciplined and taught to respect their elders and peers. This
is very important, as this will be handed down to their children and down the line of generations. Raising
children and giving them, Islamic awareness along with worldly education is the foremost duty of a
Muslim mom.

Students’ failure in exams – Tips for passing an Exam

Failing an exam is one of the worst nightmares anyone could have. According to research and studies, the number of failing students is getting higher and higher every day. There was a time when there used to be a competition among students of one class all wanting to acquire higher marks than one another and passing out with good grades. Mainly gone are those days; these days students only study the important contexts of the syllabuses to pass an exam and some are born geniuses.

Muslim student prayer t460 Students’ failure in exams Tips for passing an Exam

The reasons why the majority of students are failing exams are stress, depression, pressure from parents or guardians, competition and comparison. These days’ parents and teachers put a lot of pressure on a student’s mind, which in the end makes them stressful and prone to nervousness. They fail the exams even when they know the answer. With the new technology coming up everyday many students have moved away from studies and are wasting their precious time with these gadgets. There are some students who don’t study year round but only when the last couple of months are left for the annual exams.

This article will highlight tips for passing exams and acquiring good grades. The first tip is to begin with the name of Allah Subhana Wa Tallah. Recite Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. It will not only bless you and your work but provide help to be focused. Being attentive from the very first day of the year would help a lot. A student should concentrate harder on lectures from the beginning. Note each and everything dictated by the teacher and copy the things written on the board as they are exactly. After going home from school, college or institution the student should revise what was explained in the day’s lecture and then make notes neatly in a notebook. If the student keeps up with this pace for the first day then they will do very well in exams. For revision, these notes will help a lot.

The second tip is highlighting every important thing from the textbook and then solving the answers at the end. This will help student in comprehending the text and then giving the explanation later on. The third tip is to solve past papers and questions every day.

The fourth tip for the students is to maintain a daily diary.

This diary can mark the timings for specific things and activities; it will keep the routine running and will not keep the student in stress. It will also help in examinations. The students should work hard to achieve the targets in their life. The passing of exams is not sufficient to progress in life instead; students should participate in all positive activities.

Last but not the least; recite Rab e Zidni ilmaa lot of times throughout the day. This is a combination of very powerful words and helps in getting success, increases memory and enhances learning abilities.

What Does Islam Say About Extra Marital Affairs?

 What Does Islam Say About Extra Marital Affairs?Islam is a religion of peace and harmony not only that Islam teaches us the lesson of being truthful and clears in all the matters of our life. If parents remain true to each other kids will automatically learn this lesson and will not lie or deceive their parents, siblings or friends. This is what Islam asks for us to be in every relationship. Islam teaches us to be true by all means this is the key to have peace and harmony and most importantly trust and respect in all of relationships.

Husband, wife relation is the most sensitive yet beautiful relationship one can have on this earth. Loving and being loved is one of the most beautiful desires a human being has. One can have a smooth can calm married life if he/she follows all the teachings of Islam and fulfills all the obligations on him/her. Respect is also another important pillar in making your marital life a lot more peaceful and harmonized. More you respect your partner more you will be respected in return. Trust is another main thing in making or breaking a relation. In married life if husband does not trust his wife or wife does not respect her husband it can eventually result in a disaster.

When any of these is missing in relationship things start getting bad leading to worst situation. Same is the case in married life there are many factors that can ruin your married life. Some of the illegal actions committed by any of them weather husband or wife it can result in separation or ultimately divorce.

One of the biggest things leading to end of marriage is to deceive your partner. This is done in a variety of ways. A woman or a man who loves her/his partner to the bottom of his/her heart when finds him or her partner cheating on her or him for anyone else results in hatred, arguments and many times to divorce. Islam does not favor any kind of extramarital affairs leading to adultery. There are clear instructions by

ALLAH in Quran the Holy book of Muslims also his messenger Holy Prophet S.A.W also forbade Muslim men and women of committing adultery or having interest in other men or women other than their husbands or wives.

Some of the laws and regulations mentioned in Quran are as follows:

  • The unrestricted mingling of the sexes, which ultimately leads to adultery, must be prevented.
  • Men and women are not to converse freely except in the presence of another person.
  • Unless they have become mates through the institution of marriage, men and women are not to gaze at each other with lewd passion.
  • They are not to speak, or flirt, in a manner that evokes lust.

At first Islam provides an open permission for the fulfillment of all the desires through the recourse of legal procedure.  Despite of all this, those who do not follow Islamic lessons not only destroy the fabric of Islamic society and also the family. Islam prescribes severe punishments to those who do not adhere to the Islamic rules and regulation.

Influence of the Muslims throughout the World

It is documented fact that 60% of the world’s wealth is under control of the Christian countries which is only 10% of the population. In Muslim countries the population earns merely $1145 annually whereas Christian population earns $28,033.

 Influence of the Muslims throughout the World

In the finance world Muslim nations merely account for 1% of the total value of the global equity. This influence of the Muslims therefore does not permit them to rule other societies where they have no money. It is a misleading conception that Muslims own that portion of the world that actually requires high level monetary conditions.

Muslims, due to extreme poverty, migrate to the developed countries hoping for a proper reward of their labour. That is the main reason behind their immigration, although there may be many others, such as persecution of their race or religion.. The developed countries want to send them back on the plea that the Muslims are influencing their society, and not for the good, according to some. This idea has been spread by the media without any real justification or proof. All 35 nations of America in the north and south have their roots in the Roman European culture and principles which still speak the language of the old world. Besides this, 53 nations of Africa, which were created by Europeans powers, work under these principles and laws.

At one time, Asia was subdued by European powers and maybe today’s Afghanistan also. Hong Kong and Singapore are still with the English as the dominant language and continue trading with the pound sterling. Australia has always been a part of the Commonwealth, and until the late 60’s, only Europeans were allowed to immigrate. For many years it was utilised for prison and the so-called criminals of Europe were sent there. European influence over the five continents is quite evident with these historical references and it is ground reality that Europeans dominate these regions now, but mostly in name only. So it is hard to believe that Muslims influence, dominate and infiltrate other nations where it is a fact that they have not sufficient ability to speak their own language properly.

Maybe the most fabulous endowment Muslims have presented to the world is Islam’s logic of using the information of the Qur’an, pureness in heart and clearness in the brain, for trying to influence all the world’s nations to serve God better, raise the principles of living, and elevate brotherhood and justice for all.

The standards illustrating the mission of the Prophet Muhammad, which have made a worldwide impact in the scientific realm, and social, profound society that framed the Golden Time period characterised by Islam, continued unsullied up to the 15th century. Accompanied by constant deliberation to incorporate confidence with explanation and learning with the material, Muslim and Islamic society of the Golden Age developed a persistent bond among science and ethics in the East & West. This adaptation would not be able to have been in the event that if it had not been for the vehicle of Islam, and the help of its wisdom.

What are Muslims Doing on Facebook?

Internet has turned out to be an integral part of our lives. The whole world has become a global village and we are all interlinked with each other. There are many ways to link with each other no matter where do you live in east or west, you can communicate with anyone in this world. Can explore the world through varieties of online websites, can you internet for information or entertainment, to work and promote your business or anything you wish to do.


FACEBOOK AND ISLAM What are Muslims Doing on Facebook?

Social networking websites have a special place in the online world. Some of the most popular ones have millions of members from all around the world. One of the most popular social networking online sites is Facebook. Having tens of millions of registered users this website has got the top position among all the popular social networking websites. There are many reasons for which increasing number of people are switching to this online forum.

There are number of activities for all age groups. If on one side kids can play games of their choice through this website then on the other hand adults can communicate with their friends or family members. They can share pictures, videos with each other, can have live chat, not only text but also can have voice and video chat can join different community pages of their interests, can find new friends, can raise their voice internationally in favor of any social or religious cause and much more.

Muslims being in almost every part of the world are also members of facebook. They are taking part in all such activities through facebook. On one hand if some of them are playing positive role in projecting positive image of Muslims and Islam,  helping others to know what is the real way of living and what are the teachings of Islam, avoiding false approaches to tease others or any other negative activity then on the other hand there are many Muslim males and females who are more interested in dating, flirting or some other negative activities which are not only disliked ethically but also according to Islam and being a Muslim they should avoid such activities.

There are many of them who fake users and they make fun of others, misguide them, deceive them etc. So being involved in such activities many of the Muslims sadly are not only becoming a reason to provoke hatred for themselves and Islam as well. One should avoid such activities not only being a Muslim but also being a good human being. No religion permits illegal activities and crossing limits so we all should avoid and try not to become a part of all this at all both for the sake of Islam and humanity.

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