Most of the scholars around the world have expressed same thought that Islam is first religion in the earth to ensure women’s right. This started from the very beginning of the human existence.

Once there such situation existed where women were literally treated as slave and they were sold and bought like a daily commodity. As soon as a baby girl was born they were buried alive and needless to say whoever survived was hardly treated like a human being. There was also another tradition to burn the widows with their dead husband.

Islam demolished all these prejudices and it conveyed the message of freedom for all the women. Islam totally prohibited the trend of selling women and keeping them as slaves. It was just the beginning and after that in every step of life women’s rights were ensured. In the Holy Quran, Muslim’s religious book women rights were reinforced.

There were permitted to make decision in family life as well as personal life. Once there was no education system for women but in Islam acquiring knowledge has been made mandatory and in family life there were given authorization to take any kind of decision such as child birth, maintenance etc. And most importantly they have been blessed with most honorable as it is quoted in Quran “Child’s heaven is under mother’s feet”.