Maria the Copt or Maria al-Qibtiyya converted to Islam and married to Holy Prophet Sallalaho alayhi wasalam. Muqwaqis sent her as a gift to the Prophet Sallalaho Alayhi Wasalam.  She is “Mother of All Believers” or Umm-al-Mu’mineen.

She has the honor of giving birth to the son of Muhammad Sallalaho Alayhi wasalam. Her son Ibrahim died when he was still a child. Being the father of the child Prophet Muhammad Sallalaho alayhi wasalam remained grief stricken. This was his third male child who could not survive according to the traditionss. There will be no prophet after last Prophet Muhammad Sallalaho Alayhi Wasalam. Ibrahim, the child was named after his great grand ancestral Prophet Ibrahim.

Hātib b. Abi Balta’ah, companion of Holy Prophet Sallalaho Alayhi Wasalam brought Maria al-Qibtiyya from Egypt to Madinah along with her sister Sīrīn. Both of the sisters embraced Islam before they reached their final destination. Another companion of Prophet Sallalaho Alayhi Wasalam proposed her sister, which she accepted. She gave birth to his son. Al Muqwaqis also send many other gifts that included precious garments and a number of animals along with the slave girls. All of those were distributed among the Muslims.

She lived in a mud-brick house along with the Prophet of Islam Sallaho Alayhi Wasalam. She was a beautiful woman and a very pious Muslim. She preferred rags over riches and stick to her faith as a Muslim. She is one of the luckiest wives of Prophet who gave birth to a child after Khadijah R.A.

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